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BLOG: How much office space can we afford?

Facility costs include base rent or mortgage costs, utilities, maintenance and upkeep, and taxes. If you own your own building, these costs are offset over time by any appreciation or depreciation in value. A reasonable cost ratio for facilities in a general ophthalmology practice is 4% to 6% of practice collections. In pricier urban and suburban markets, facility costs will skew somewhat higher: Demand is higher, and land, vendor, tax and even utility costs can be much higher. What’s more, urban patients expect more lavish surroundings. It’s not unusual to (Read more...)

Alcon launches ocriplasmin in UK market

Alcon has launched ocriplasmin for the treatment of vitreomacular traction in the United Kingdom, its first market in Europe, according to a news release from ThromboGenics.Alcon, which has the rights to commercialize Jetrea (ocriplasmin, ThromboGenics) outside the United States, paid ThromboGenics €45 million when the European Commission approved ocriplasmin to treat vitreomacular traction, including when associated with a macular hole of 400 µm or less in diameter, earlier this year.

BLOG: Communication and meetings: Make them work for you

In my previous life as a hospital administrator, the not-so-funny joke was that we were in meetings all day and did our “actual” work before and after work hours. Practically speaking, that had to happen because we were responsible for thousands of employees, patients and doctors. Directing and communicating information required functioning as a cohesive unit if we were to be successful as a large organization. And that ultimately meant nonstop meetings in order to acquire information and feedback, make decisions and disseminate the information.

FDA finds sterile deficiencies at some compounding pharmacies

Numerous safety issues were uncovered during recent inspections of 31 compounding pharmacies in 18 states by the FDA, the agency announced Thursday.Among the safety deficiencies reported were “unidentified black particles floating in vials of supposedly sterile medicine; rust and mold in ‘clean rooms’ … technicians handling supposedly sterile products with bare hands; and employees wearing nonsterile lab coats,” according to a Thursday post on the agency’s blog by FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, MD.

Patients enrolled in phase 2b trial of adenoviral conjunctivitis candidate

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals has enrolled the first patients in Brazil as part of its phase 2b trial of an anti-infective compound as a treatment for adenoviral conjunctivitis, according to a company news release.The multicenter, randomized clinical study of Auriclosene (NVC-422) ophthalmic solution is designed to determine the compound’s efficacy in clearing the red eye, blurred vision and lingering effects left by an adenoviral infection.

Supervised trainees obtain similar outcomes to primary surgeons in blepharoptosis repair

With guidance from an experienced surgeon, surgical trainees have comparable results when performing conjunctival Müllerectomy with or without tarsectomy and external levator advancement blepharoptosis repair, according to a study.The retrospective, non-randomized, interventional, consecutive case series comprised 170 patients. Ninety-four eyelids of 67 patients underwent levator advancement, and 154 eyelids of 103 patients underwent Müllerectomies with or without tarsectomy.