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BLOG: Merging a new associate into your practice: Part 1

It’s an exciting time and a big deal when a new doctor joins a group, no matter how many times its been done before.  Practices are composed of many moving parts, and complications can quickly crop up without a well-constructed plan of action.The “paperwork” part is easy if you keep a checklist and assign one person to take responsibility to assure all items are completed in a timely fashion.

Supreme Court: Federal law pre-empts state suits over drug label shortcomings

The Supreme Court has ruled that generic drug manufacturers cannot be sued in state court for potential warning label shortcomings in the generic version of a federally approved drug.In Mutual Pharmaceutical Co. v. Bartlett, the court ruled 5-4, agreeing with the generic drug manufacturer’s contention that federal law pre-empts a New Hampshire law that allowed a strict product liability lawsuit by Karen L. Bartlett. named Medical Marketing & Media 2013 award finalist

THOROFARE, N.J. —, a website for specialty physicians published by SLACK Incorporated, has been announced as a finalist in Medical Marketing & Media’s (MM&M) 2013 Awards for “Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand.” The prestigious awards recognize health care marketing excellence in 23 categories.The gold and silver MM&M award winners will be revealed at a dinner ceremony in New York on Wednesday, Oct. 2.“ combines content from 18 medical and health specialty areas, which allows us to present a single platform that matches the breadth and depth of general medical (Read more...)

BLOG: Supreme Court ‘pay-for-delay’ ruling hardly decides issue

On June 17, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in FTC v. Actavis, providing some clarity regarding the legal standard courts should apply to so-called “reverse payment” settlements. In these settlements, a brand drug company provides something of value to a generic drug company in order to resolve the parties’ patent litigation and clear the path for the generic product to come to market.