Author: Medgadged

Frugal Solution to Cataract Diagnosis in Remote Places

Researchers at MIT have developed a cheap and easy to use system, called Catra, that uses a cameraphone clip-on device to map out cataracts.

The technology functions by sweeping the eye with a beam of light and using the phone’s camera to detect fuzzy spots. It can provide both a map of the cataracts and maybe help make an overall assessment (Read more...)

Bioengineering Students Create Device to Diagnose Dry Eyes

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca, better known as “dry eye”, is an annoying and sometimes painful condition in which the eyes often itch and burn because a person cannot produce sufficient tears to bathe and cool the eyes. Ophthalmologists usually diagnose dry eye through a series of tests that often analyze the tear fluid and its interaction (Read more...)

Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Gets European Clearance

Second Sight Medical of Sylmar, California has received European approval for its bionic eye system that can bring a modicum of sight to people with advanced retinal degenerative diseases. The Argus II system uses a head worn video camera to capture the scene, processes it by a computer, and sends a signal to an implant that stimulates the retina& (Read more...)