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DIY Home Electronic Contact Lens

We’ve been seeing intriguing research into electronic contact lenses over the last few years (see flashbacks below) that promises glucose and ocular pressure monitoring directly from the eye and augmented reality computer applications where data …

Bionic Contact Lens to Check Your Email

We’re another step closer to integrating real time information into our vision. Researchers from the University of Washington and Aalto University Finland have engineered the first prototype of a computerized contact lens on which you can see informa…

Glassesof: App to Combat Presbyopia

It might seem a bit odd: an iPhone application to improve the ability people with presbyopia to see up close. But next year Ucansi, a U.S. company based in Israel, will launch their app called “Glassesof”.

Instead of trying to improve aging eyes, this app is developed to boost visual acuity by using a proprietary method that affects the brain’s vis (Read more...)

Canon CR-2 PLUS Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera Coming to U.S.

Having secured FDA clearance, Canon is now releasing its CR-2 PLUS digital non-mydriatic retinal camera to the U.S. market. The main feature of the camera over the CR-2 model is its ability to do fundus autofluorescence photography that is used to detect macular residue such as lipofuscin that gathers in the retinal pigment epithelial layer.

Like s (Read more...)

VIP-200 Pupillometer Is a New Portable Device to Measure Pupils for Refractive Surgery

Neuroptics Inc. from Irvine, California released the VIP-200 Pupillometer, a hand-held device to screen patients for refractive surgery. The device helps eye surgeons to optimize patients for a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) procedures and fitting of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs).   The Pupillometer can simulate scotopic, low (Read more...)