From Slipknots to Lasers

h3Alan N. Carlson, MD/h3

Adjustable-tension slipknots
are certainly not new, but there
is resurgence in interest among
corneal and refractive surgeons
and their trainees. In the 1970s,
Clifford Terry, MD, developed an
innovative knot,…

Setting Up a Successful Social Media Campaign

As businesses and organizations
in all industries flock to social
media for marketing and community
outreach, an increasing
number of health care professionals and
practices are also embracing the trend.
Used correctly, social media marketin…

Chief Medical Editor’s Page

I experienced my first and only case of toxic anterior segment
syndrome (TASS) in the fall of 2006. My case was
one of 37 that occurred at our surgicenter and one of
more than 1,000 that occurred nationally. At the time, the
cause and epidemic…