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A Self-Propelled Catheter for Lung Biopsies

Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a self-propelled catheter, which can move like an earthworm and could help doctors reach areas of the lung that can be tricky to access using conventional bronchoscopes. At the moment, if doctors want to take a closer look at the lesion in someone’s lungs, they typically [… (Read more...)

Surfaceskins Excrete Alcohol on Every Push to Prevent Spread of In-Hospital Infections

Hospital acquired infections continue to be a major source of patient morbidities. Hand washing guidelines, ubiquitously available alcohol sanitizers, and keeping patients away from each other has helped reduce the spread of nosocomial infections. Nevertheless, much more needs to be done to prevent hospitals themselves from being vectors that sprea (Read more...)

Organoids of Human Kidneys Help to Study Renal Diseases

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic condition in which the tubules of the kidneys grow to become deformed, leading to cysts to grow on the organ. Studying this disease has been a challenge because of the difficulty of modeling it in the laboratory. Now researchers led by a team at the University of Washington have […]

New Test Reveals Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in 30 Minutes

Researchers at Caltech have developed a new rapid test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can give results within 30 minutes. Antibiotics are becoming less effective with the rise of multi-drug resistant strains of bacteria. At present, a doctor doesn’t know if their patient is infected with a drug-resistant strain without sending a sam (Read more...)

Tiny Nanopatch Shown Highly Effective Against Polio Virus

A new vaccine delivering “Nanopatch” has just been tested that may finally help put an end to polio. Developed by a scientist at Queensland University in Australia and commercialized by Vaxxas, a firm based in Sydney, the patch has microscopic needles projecting from its bottom that pass the vaccine directly to the antigen-presenting ce (Read more...)