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Medgadget’s Best of CES 2018

CES 2018 is over. We assessed the many health-related gadgets that were shown off by a myriad of companies, concluded our deliberations, and now is the time to present the winners of Medgadget’s Best of CES 2018. We extend our congratulations to the winners! SmartSleep from Philips Here’s an exciting device with a huge potential to (Read more...)

Robotic Pelvic Assist Device Helps Parkinson’s Patients Improve Their Stability While Walking

Researchers at Columbia University have developed a system called the Tethered Pelvic Assist Device (TPAD), which can help Parkinson’s patients to improve their gait stability after just one training session. Fall rates in adults with advanced Parkinson’s disease are twice as high as those in healthy adults of a comparable age. Finding (Read more...)

Cheap Rehab System Powered by Kinect Camera

Physical rehabilitation often involves using expensive, over-engineered equipment that does its job well but is often difficult to afford. It’s one reason the overall cost of rehab can be steep, as buying and maintaining pricey equipment can quickly add up. Some of the more advanced systems for analyzing people’s motion involve multiple (Read more...)

Amputees Move Robotic Arms by Power of Thought

Scientists at the University of Chicago have shown that it is possible to implant brain-computer interfaces and let amputees control robotic arms, even years after their amputations. Similar research has previously focused on paralyzed people and whether they can benefit from technology that lets them move external devices by simply willing and thi (Read more...)

Building Flexible Electronics from Scratch Using 3D Printers

Scientists from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Harvard University’s Wyss Institute have created a way to print flexible electronic devices. The development may herald future ubiquity of flexible body-worn products that can monitor various health parameters, provide therapy, and guide users in exercise and rehabilitation routines (Read more...)