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CRST regrets the misspelling of Verus (Mile High Ophthalmics) in the sidebar A Silicone Ring for Capsulotomy Creation by Robert J. Cionni, MD, that appeared in our November/December 2014 edition.

New Layer of the Cornea Discovered

Scientists at The University of Nottingham, United
Kingdom, have discovered a previously undetected
layer in the cornea that could help surgeons to dramatically
improve outcomes for patients undergoing corneal
grafts and transplants, according to a new…

Ista Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges

Ista Pharmaceuticals, Inc., pled guilty to two felony
charges by the United States Justice Department related
to the marketing, distribution, and sale of its ophthalmic
drug Xibrom. As part of the settlement, Ista agreed
to pay $33.5 million in civil a…

FDA Approves Aaren Scientific’s Aero Injection System

Aaren Scientific has been granted approval by the
FDA to sell the Aero Injection System for use with the
company’s EC-3 and EC-3 PAL aspheric three-piece
hydrophobic acrylic IOL, according to a company
news release.

The Aero Injection System is composed of the
R28 Model IOL Delivery System Injector and the Aero