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Boston Sci’s WaveWriter Spinal Cord Stimulator Delivers Paresthesia-Based and Sub-Perception Pain Therapy

Boston Scientific just won FDA approval for the first spinal cord neurostimulator system to provide both paresthesia-based and sub-perception therapy at the same time. The WaveWriter system delivers electrical stimulation that the patient can feel (paresthesia) or a type that is not directly felt, but experienced through reduced pain. The (Read more...)

Surgical Sealants and Beyond: Interview with Christophe Bancel, CEO and Co-Founder of Gecko Biomedical

Medgadget recently reported that Gecko Biomedical, a biomedical start-up based in Paris, France received CE mark approval for their SETALUM Surgical sealant. The bioinspired polymer sealant is cured on-demand using light and can supplement conventional sutures during vascular surgery. The material is biodegradable, bioresorbable, and biocompatible, (Read more...)

Tiny Wireless Neurostimulator Small Enough for Injections

Neurostimulators are becoming popular for treating Parkinson’s, Essential Tremor, pain, and other neurological conditions. They typically involve a battery-powered implant resembling a pacemaker placed on the chest that has electrode leads attached reaching up to another part of the body, often the brain. There are a number of disadvantages w (Read more...)

RICOH MEG Magnetoencephalography System Wins FDA Clearance

Ricoh, a large Japanese industrial company, won FDA clearance for its RICOH MEG magnetoencephalography  system. The device is able to detect electrical signals within the brain by measuring the magnetic fields produced as electric currents move within the brain. According to the company, the device was developed to provide “deeper m (Read more...)

Stryker’s Neuroform Atlas Stent Gets Humanitarian Device Exemption to Treat Brain Aneurysms

Stryker landed FDA approval for its Neuroform Atlas stent via a humanitarian device exemption (HDE). The nitinol stent is intended for use along with neurovascular embolic coils to treat wide neck, intracranial, saccular aneurysms. The coils are used to pack aneurysms, while the Neuroform Atlas stent is placed across the neck of the aneurysms (Read more...)

Olympus Releases ORBEYE 4K-3D Surgical Microscope System

Olympus is releasing its latest surgical microscope, the 4K-3D ORBEYE video microscope. The device was developed by a joint venture called Sony Olympus Medical Solutions. The system comes with an accompanying 4K-3D 55-inch monitor, allowing surgeons to look directly at the screen rather than a microscope eyepiece and for the rest of the clinic (Read more...)

Mazor X Robotic Spinal Surgery System Cleared in Europe

Mazor Robotics, an Israeli firm, announced that its Mazor X Surgical Assurance Platform has received the European CE Mark of approval. The system, used to perfect spinal surgeries, is being co-marketed by Medtronic, which just invested $40 million into Mazor Robotics. The Mazor X consists of a pre-op software package that helps to establish a (Read more...)