Tag: Neurosurgery

Genotype-Specific Microparticle Treatment for Brain Cancer

Researchers from Harvard and MIT have developed microparticles that can treat a specific genetic subtype of glioma, a brain cancer. The microparticles slowly release a drug that specifically targets cancer cells that rely on a particular enzyme. During surgery to remove the brain tumor, clinicians can conduct a rapid (30 min) genetic test on a [&he (Read more...)

Mauna Kea’s Cellvizio Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Cleared in U.S. for Neurological Procedures

Mauna Kea‘s (Paris, France) Cellvizio 100 series F400 and F800, with a new Confocal Miniprobe called CranioFle, has been granted FDA clearance to be used in neurological procedures targeting brain and spinal tumors. The confocal laser endomicroscopy system allows clinicians to analyze the cellular structure and characteristics of tissues righ (Read more...)

Now Available: Neural Analytics’ Lucid Robotic Ultrasound System for Brain Blood Flow Assessment

Neural Analytics, the Los Angeles based company that won FDA clearance a couple of years ago for its Lucid M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System, now won another clearance, this time for its NeuralBot robotic ultrasound positioner. The two devices work together and when united will be called the Lucid Robotic System. The NeuralBot automatically (Read more...)

Brain Stimulator May Help Recover from Stroke

Ohio State University is reporting on a study its researchers are performing that’s evaluating a brain stimulator for treating the consequences of strokes. Specifically, a device made by MicroTransponder, an Austin, Texas firm, is used to stimulate the vagus nerve while a patient performs traditional rehab exercises. The therapist holds a but (Read more...)

iSchemaView’s RAPID CTA for Brain Angiography Imaging

iSchemaView, of Redwood City, California, won FDA clearance for its RAPID CTA imaging software for CT angiography. The package helps to visualize and analyze brain vasculature, including highlighting areas of lower than normal vessel density and providing 3D tools such as rotation and zoom to give a better idea of the relevant anatomy. Product page (Read more...)