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Researchers Use Novel Machine Learning Strategy to Accelerate Brain-Computer Interface Training

Brain-computer interfaces are typically systems which measure neural activity and convert it into artificial output. These systems have shown great potential for assisted movement in patients with motor impairments. The interfaces typically work by directing the patient to think about making a movement and allowing the system to repeatedly record t (Read more...)

Leica’s Augmented Reality Surgical Microscope Combines Fluoroscopy and Natural Color Vision

Leica Microsystems won FDA clearance to introduce its GLOW800 augmented reality surgical fluorescence system for vascular neurosurgery. The system provides provides simultaneous, natural color view of the surgical field overlaid with real-time vascular flow, all with full depth perception and without any misalignment between the two images. Previou (Read more...)

Spinal Cord Epidural Stimulation Lets Paralyzed Walk Again

While paralysis is common following a serious spinal injury, it seems that many patients may be treated with a new therapy that has already proven to restore walking and standing in a few study volunteers. Researchers at University of Louisville in Kentucky, reporting in New England Journal of Medicine, combined spinal cord epidural stimulatio (Read more...)

Seizure Control Device Delivers Drugs Inside Brain

A collaboration between researchers at University of Cambridge in the UK and École Nationale Supérieure des Mines and INSERM in France has developed a device that can sense electrical brain activity and deliver a pre-loaded drug dose in response. It has already been tried on mice undergoing seizures, releasing a native brain chemical (Read more...)

RightEye Vision Tests for Eyes and Brain: Interview with Co-Founder and CSO Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay

Medgadget recently demoed RightEye’s vision tests with Dr. Jennifer Kungle, a provider at The Center for Vision Development, and worked with the beta version of the company’s at-home EyeQ Trainer. It was a great experience that this editor would recommend for patients going through vision rehabilitation or individuals seeking a more viv (Read more...)

Training Athletes’ Dynamic Vision with System Originally Designed to Detect Concussions

SyncThink is a company known for making eye tracking devices that can help to diagnose brain concussions. Their FDA-cleared EYE-SYNC technology is already being used by a number of university sports programs, as well as by major hospitals. Now the same technology is being adapted to help athletes in demanding sports to improve their dynamic [&helli (Read more...)

Genotype-Specific Microparticle Treatment for Brain Cancer

Researchers from Harvard and MIT have developed microparticles that can treat a specific genetic subtype of glioma, a brain cancer. The microparticles slowly release a drug that specifically targets cancer cells that rely on a particular enzyme. During surgery to remove the brain tumor, clinicians can conduct a rapid (30 min) genetic test on a [&he (Read more...)