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Bandage contact lenses under development as drug delivery vehicles

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — Bandage contact lenses, which provide pain relief and comfort from exposed nerve endings that occur with corneal maladies such as corneal abrasions from corneal dystrophies, neurotrophic keratopathy, bullous keratopathy and postsurgical states, may also be developed into drug delivery vehicles, a speaker said here. “The motivating factor for this development is that the eye, the cornea in particular, has a very strong bioprotective mechanism. It allows low permeability of medicine to get into the eye. We know that the tear fluid that drains into the nasal cavity (Read more...)

DMEK minimizes drawbacks of PK

WAIKOLOA, Hawaii — Endothelial keratoplasty procedures only replace the part of the cornea that is dysfunctional, making them potentially safer and yielding better visual results compared with penetrating keratoplasty, a speaker said here.“As we get more experience, we are becoming more exact in the way that we do the tissue replacement,” Francis W. Price Jr., MD, said at Hawaiian Eye 2013.

New Dry Eye Treatments in the Pipeline

OSN: Several promising treatments are in the pipeline for dry eye, which is an “epidemic” and can drive patients to drink. Secretagogues stimulate the eye to produce its own tears, like Restasis. One is called Lancovutide which was originally used in cystic fibrosis. Rebamipide’s mechanism is to increase the mucin level in tears, which makes […]

Corneal Tissue Can Be Shared for Transplant

Ophthalmology: Today, surgeons often use just part of the cornea for transplant- either the anterior (front) part or posterior part. Transplanting the entire cornea is becoming less common. This study demonstrated something that would seem logical- instead of throwing out the rest of the unused cornea, it can be used for a transplant in another […]