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Shift Labs Announces Partnership with Option Care Enterprises for National Use of DripAssist

DripAssist by Shift Labs is an infusion rate monitor that offers a significant improvement in portability, efficiency, durability and ease of use over traditional infusion monitors. The last time Medgadget reported on Shift Labs, the company had just received their CE mark for DripAssist. The device is also FDA approved. Now, Shift Labs is ann (Read more...)

TEECAD Camera Gives Vision to TEE Probes

A young medtech company called Visura Technologies, based outside of Chicago, won FDA clearance for its TEE Camera Assist Device, TEECAD for short. The device is designed to be connected to a transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) ultrasound probe, letting the physician see the upper airway and esophagus while navigating the probe toward its d (Read more...)

The World’s First Wireless, App-Based Ultrasound: Interview with Dr. Ryu, CEO of Healcerion

Healcerion, based in South Korea, was the first company to receive FDA clearance for a wireless, app-based ultrasound system back in 2015. The groundbreaking work done by South Korean engineers and scientists laid the foundation for the development of an ultrasound transducer that works with most smartphones or tablets. Since introducing the S (Read more...)

Admetsys Develops Artificial Pancreas for Critical Care

Admetsys, a company headquartered in Boston, has developed a system for controlling blood glucose levels in critical care patients. Essentially an artificial pancreas, the system relies on a lab-on-a-chip that’s embedded within an intravenous catheter to measure glucose and lactic acid, automatically supplying insulin or glucose to keep the p (Read more...)

Blink’s TwitchView for Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring

Blink Device Company, a firm based in Seattle, Washington, won FDA clearance for and is releasing in the United States its TwitchView monitor. The device is used for monitoring the depth of neuromoscular blockade under anesthesia, and the company claims it is the first standalone electromyography (EMG) monitor available in the U.S. The company is [ (Read more...)

Accuro Helps to Make Epidurals and Spinals Easier: Interview with Will Mauldin, CEO of Rivanna Medical

Performing epidural and spinal anesthesia requires a good deal of training and being able to sense when the needle reaches the desired location. This is certainly not foolproof and some patients are harder to work with than others. One issue is that a sonographer is usually required to operate the ultrasound while the anesthesiologist delivers [&he (Read more...)

4Dx Uses Algorithms to Better Visualize Lung Function

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects millions of people in the United States. The main method of diagnosis is the pulmonary function tests (PFTs), in which a patient breathes into a machine that measures pulmonary parameters. The disadvantage, however, is that pulmonary function tests take an “average” of a patient’s lung (Read more...)