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Digital Voice Assistants Changing Lives of Blind People

Many of the technologies that have changed the lives of healthy consumers over the past couple of decades have done little to improve the lives of those with disabilities. Yet, a number of developments, such as smartphones and GPS devices, have truly helped out those who are blind, for example. A new article in The […]

IrisVision for Low Vision: Interview with Ammad Khan, CEO and Frank Werblin, Chief Scientist and Inventor

IrisVision, a medtech company based in California, have developed a low-cost visual aid system for people with low vision. The system currently harnesses the power of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone mounted in a Samsung Gear VR headset. The phone captures the scene using the smartphone’s camera, then remaps the scene to enhance its visibility for (Read more...)

Learning Method for Tuning Exoskeletons

Body-worn robots that assist people with disabilities are becoming more common, thanks to research and development over the last decade or so. While there’s been a great deal of progress in perfecting powered exoskeletons, there’s still a lot of work left to be able to coordinate their movements with the individuals that are wearing the (Read more...)

Stick-On Flexible Electronics to Track Stroke Recovery

Electronics that keep working even when repeatedly stretched and flexed have improved significantly in the last few years to the point that now they’re finally being introduced into real wearable medical devices. At Northwestern University, John Rogers, the scientist responsible for many achievements in the field of flexible electronics (see (Read more...)

BewellConnect’s MyPeriTens Multi-Action Pelvic Floor Trainer

BewellConnect recently unveiled their new pelvic floor muscle trainer to help women with related issues, including post-partum complications and incontinence. The MyPeriTens device is both an electrical nerve stimulator and electrical muscle stimulator that is controlled through a smartphone app, allowing women to have precise control over the inte (Read more...)