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Smart Cane Detects Obstacles Using Ultrasound

At Texas A&M University a team of students has created a smart cane that can help visually impaired people to avoid obstacles. The Navigational & Object Visual Assistant (NOVA) is a prototype device that sends out ultrasonic signals in front of the user and vibrates when it detects something. The ultrasonic sensor is connected to motor (Read more...)

BONEBRIDGE, The First Wireless Bone Conducting Hearing Aid

MED-EL, based in Durham, North Carolina, won de novo FDA clearance for the first bone conducting hearing aid system that doesn’t require a connection between the implant and external component to penetrate the skin. The totally wireless connection of the BONEBRIDGE system means that there’s less maintenance required on the patient (Read more...)

EyeQue Insight Visual Acuity Screener: A Medgadget Review

Every year, our “screen time” continues to increase as our gadgets get bigger and brighter. According to the Vision Council, our digital devices are causing 60.5% of Americans to report symptoms of digital eye strain, and it’s uncertain how these devices will affect our vision long-term. Aside from taking frequent breaks from our (Read more...)

Electronic Whiskers For Improved Prosthetic Touch

More than two million people are living with limb loss in the USA, and that number is expected to rise. For the majority of these individuals, prosthetic limbs are an invaluable tool to help regain some quality of life. One challenge that has been difficult to overcome in the design of prostheses, however, is enabling […]