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LifeSignals Receives CE Mark for ECG Remote Monitoring Patch

LifeSignals, based in Fremont, California, announced that it received the CE Mark for its LifeSignals ECG Remote Monitoring Patch. The patch, integrated with a remote monitoring platform, is designed as a continuous electrocardiography (ECG) and heart rate monitor. The ECG Remote Monitoring Patch is disposable and captures data for up to three days (Read more...)

A Multinational Effort to Reduce Neonatal Mortality: Interview with Dr. Maria Oden, Co-director of Rice 360° Institute for Global Health

According to the World Health Organization, 47% of childhood deaths worldwide occur in the first four weeks of life. This neonatal mortality rate is particularly prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly one million newborns die every year. Many of these deaths can be prevented with medical devices that more developed countries often take for g (Read more...)

BioButton to Help Track COVID, Ensure Safe Return to Work

BioIntelliSense, a Silicon Valley company, is unveiling its FDA cleared BioButton device that may help with tracking symptoms of COVID-19 in potential patients and help society return to a normal state of affairs. The BioButton is about the size of a large coin and, with the help of accompanying applications and triage dashboards, it can […]

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Adding Voice to Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis: Interview with Prof. Elad Maor

The field of telehealth is growing thanks to the steady growth in supportive technology and the need for remote monitoring, assessment, diagnosis, and testing. Voice is unique to every individual due to people’s anatomical differences, which makes for a powerful tool when working remotely. Vocalis Health is a company that uses machine learnin (Read more...)

3D Face Scans Accurately Screen for Sleep Apnea

Researchers at the University of Western Australia have demonstrated that facial features captured from 3D photographs may be useful as a screening tool for sleep apnea. 400 individuals participated in the study, and the researchers found that they could predict which patients would have sleep apnea with up to 91% accuracy. 300 individuals with sle (Read more...)

MIT’s Comfortable Shirts Loaded with Body Sensors

MIT engineers have developed a way of creating shirts and other clothing items that are embedded with tiny electronic sensors capable of measuring the heart and respiration rates, temperature, and movement. Other vital signs can be added by utilizing additional sensor types. The technology will allow physicians to monitor their patients closely thr (Read more...)

PVA Emergency Ventilator Ready for Production

PVA, a company based outside of Albany, New York that normally provides automation services to a wide variety of industries, has developed and is about to start producing its own emergency ventilator to help address the COVID-19 epidemic. The design is based on one that was approved by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health & [… (Read more...)

Oxygen Concentrator for N95 Masks to Make Breathing Easier

Paramedics, ICU staff, and anyone else currently working with patients in any capacity is probably wearing a face mask for extended periods of time. N95 masks, which are easy to wear while providing substantial protection, can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs by up to 20%. This causes fatigue, may lower blood-oxygen saturation, [&hell (Read more...)