Tag: Nanomedicine

Technique to Make Nanoparticles Work Inside Pills

Nanomedicine requires the nanoparticles that are administered to be properly absorbed by the body. Given orally via a pill, nanoparticles mostly end up being metabolized and/or excreted by the gastrointestinal system. Researchers at the University of Utah have now come up with a way of making nanoparticles much easier to uptake by the body through (Read more...)

Nano-Optic Endoscope Allows High-Resolution Imaging

Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new type of endoscopic imaging catheter. The catheter uses metalenses, which contain nanostructures to focus light, to achieve higher resolution imaging than conventional catheter imaging systems. So far, the researchers have used the new system to image deep into (Read more...)

Microfluidic Device Detects Bacteria in Tiny Samples

Canadian researchers at McGill University and University of Toronto have come up with a new device for rapid detection of small concentrations of pathogenic bacteria within tiny samples. The technology may help to spot diseases early, and so allow clinicians to better treat their patients while slowing down the spread of infection. The device consi (Read more...)

Smallest Robots Ever Developed to Sense Their Environment

The reality of being able to inject microscopic robots into the bloodstream that are capable of performing meaningful clinical tasks is now a little bit closer. Researchers are MIT have unveiled the smallest robots to have ever been built capable of sensing their environment. These tiny constructs have not only sensors, but key computing components (Read more...)

Physical Binding Improves Tumor Targeting Nanoparticles

Various research teams around the world have developed tumor killing particles that consist of drug ferrying vessels and antibodies. The vessels protect the drug cargo within, while the antibodies serve as homing mechanisms to deliver the medication precisely where it’s needed. While many of these approaches have demonstrated some effectivene (Read more...)

Nanoparticles Heat Up in Magnetic Field to Kill Cancer Tumors

A team of researchers, headed by a group from University at Buffalo, has developed a new nanoparticle that can be used to cook tumors to death. The zinc ferrite nanoparticles can be activated by a low strength magnetic field, making the technology clinically applicable. The nanoparticles will hopefully be paired with antibodies, or other targe (Read more...)

Nanolasers to Shine Light on Things Inside Body

At the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, scientists have created microscopic lasers that may end up being used for imaging inside the body, control of biological activity via optogenetics, and performing novel biological studies on living specimens. The lasers, which are about 5 microns in diameter, smaller than red blood cells, turn infrared (Read more...)