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CMS Will See You Now

Physicians’ voices are going to be heard in Washington, DC, and regulatory burdens that are dragging down physicians’ practices will be eased, Seema Verma said at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting. Medscape Medical News

A Reminder: Medical Sci-Fi Writing Contest

We are accepting entries in our annual Medical Sci-Fi Writing Contest. You still have time to polish the prose and to twist the story line. Medgadget is looking for science fiction stories that imagine the future of medicine. This future may involve the good and the bad, including fantastic treatments of disease and moral dilemmas […]

Nitric Oxide Absorbing Hydrogel Releases Drugs to Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis, Other Diseases

At the Institute for Basic Science in Daejeon, South Korea, scientists have developed a hydrogel that responds to the presence of nitric oxide (NO) and releases drugs when so activated. This kind of drug delivery system may be particularly effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis, as immune cells within inflamed joints release toxic NO in l (Read more...)