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Optical Ultrasound System for Imaging With Fewer Limitations

Modern ultrasound devices have a good deal of high tech electronics inside, but these very electronics introduce their own problems and limitations. Size, heat, energy usage, interference with other imaging modalities are some of the issues that ultrasound designers have to balance. There is another way, which involves using light to generate ultra (Read more...)

European Inventor Award 2018 Winners Announced

On June 7th, the European Patent Office (EPO) announced its European Inventor Award 2018 winners at a ceremony in Paris, Sain-Germain-en-Laye. This year’s list of winners included four women, the most ever in the history of the award. EPO President Benoît Battistelli stated during the ceremony that, “The inventiveness and cre (Read more...)

OrthoMetals Helps Crematoria Mine Metals from Dead Bodies

As medical implants become more common, more and more people are dying with all kinds of metals within their bodies. Gold, titanium, palladium, silver, and many other metals are frequently found in cardiac implants, neurostimulators, dental implants, and artificial joints. A company called OrthoMetals, based in The Netherlands, is essentially minin (Read more...)

Music Improves Function of Blood Pressure Medication

Scientists working at São Paulo State University, Juazeiro do Norte College, ABC Medical School in Brazil and Oxford Brookes University in the UK have shown that music improves the performance of anti-hypertensive medications. The study, published in Nature Scientific Reports, involved 37 patients with high blood pressure that normally (Read more...)

GE Unveils Factory-in-a-Box for Virus-Based Therapies

The production of emerging virus-based gene therapies, cell therapies, vaccines, and cancer treatments requires new types of facilities for manufacturers to build. GE Healthcare promises to help make it easy by unveiling their KUBio “factory-in-a-box” offering. The company in particular hopes to fill a need for facilities that can (Read more...)