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Nano-Optic Endoscope Allows High-Resolution Imaging

Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new type of endoscopic imaging catheter. The catheter uses metalenses, which contain nanostructures to focus light, to achieve higher resolution imaging than conventional catheter imaging systems. So far, the researchers have used the new system to image deep into (Read more...)

DiLumen Stabilizes Scopes Within Large Intestine to Help Avoid Surgeries: Now Approved in Europe

Lumendi, a company based in Buckinghamshire, England, won European regulatory approval for its DiLumen Endolumenal Interventional Platform (EIP). The one-time-use device fits over typical endoscopes to provide stability when visualizing, diagnosing, and treating conditions within the large intestine. It works by inflating two balloons that squ (Read more...)

Embolx Announces FDA Clearance for Next Generation Sniper Balloon Occlusion Microcatheter

Embolx, a new medical device company out of Silicon Valley, develops microcatheters for arterial endoembolization procedures, and now their next-generation Sniper Balloon Occlusion Microcatheter will be available in the US. The new family of microcatheters shows significant improvement over previous devices, and offers physicians enhanced performan (Read more...)

The World’s First Wireless, App-Based Ultrasound: Interview with Dr. Ryu, CEO of Healcerion

Healcerion, based in South Korea, was the first company to receive FDA clearance for a wireless, app-based ultrasound system back in 2015. The groundbreaking work done by South Korean engineers and scientists laid the foundation for the development of an ultrasound transducer that works with most smartphones or tablets. Since introducing the S (Read more...)