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MRI Compatible Biopsy Robot to Allow Precise Biopsies

Engineers at the University of Twente in The Netherlands have unveiled a new pneumatically powered robot, called Stormram 4, able to take biopsy samples while inside an MRI machine. In tests conducted by the researchers on phantom models of the breast the investigators were able to achieve sub-millimeter precision in reaching their targets. Current (Read more...)

Fluorescing Bandage Senses Wound’s Healing Process

Bandages used to treat chronic wounds present a host of challenges, particularly when they’re removed to examine and clean a wound. While this is necessary, the process can be very painful for the patient, difficult on the clinician, and the wound may become infected due to being exposed. A team of researchers from Swiss Federal Laborato (Read more...)

Newly Designed Nanorods Act as Dual Imaging Agents for Improved Diagnostics and Surgical Use

Scientists at the PNG College of Technology have developed new nanoscale rods that may be an effective dual-mode imaging agent for detecting cancer. The nanorods can be seen using both magnetic resonance and optical imaging techniques. Combining the two offers potentially better localization results during pre-op imaging, but can also allow for eas (Read more...)

Ultrasound Technology Startup Sonavex Raises $3M Series A and Expands Board: Medgadget Interview

Sonavex, a Baltimore-based medical device company, has announced a raise of $3M in financing including the first close of its Series A round led by Grey Sky Partners. Recently named Maryland’s 2016 Incubator Company of the Year, Sonavex is focused on improving surgical patient outcomes with point-of-care imaging technologies. Other organizati (Read more...)

Hologic Genius 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography System FDA Approved for Better Visualization of Dense Breasts

Hologic received FDA approval to offer its Genius 3D Mammography system as superior to traditional 2D mammography for screening of women with dense breasts. Though Genius 3D has been available in the U.S. since 2011, recently performed clinical studies have demonstrated that “the exam improves invasive breast cancer detection while reducing u (Read more...)

Hill-Rom’s New Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed Promises Gentle Contact and Air Circulation

Hill-Rom is releasing a new hospital bed designed for patients with serious wounds. The Envella Air Fluidized Therapy Bed pumps air from below a mattress-like layer of silicone beads, helping to make sure that even the tissue that is contact with the bed receives air circulation while helping to distribute pressure evenly. The company says tha (Read more...)