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Shift Labs Announces Partnership with Option Care Enterprises for National Use of DripAssist

DripAssist by Shift Labs is an infusion rate monitor that offers a significant improvement in portability, efficiency, durability and ease of use over traditional infusion monitors. The last time Medgadget reported on Shift Labs, the company had just received their CE mark for DripAssist. The device is also FDA approved. Now, Shift Labs is ann (Read more...)

Clinical Grade Urinalysis at Home with Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become surprisingly useful in medicine, but they still remain mostly as assistants to the core process of medicine. They make it easy for clinicians to communicate, absorb information, take notes, and do so many other things. They’re still rarely used for diagnostics, but that’s changing too. Healthy.io, a company out o (Read more...)

Accu-Chek Solo Tube-Free Insulin Micropump Cleared in Europe

Roche will soon release in Europe its tube-free Accu-Chek Solo insulin micropump following the CE marking of the device. The micropump comes with a smartphone-like wireless remote control that features glucose monitoring and provides advice on how much insulin to administer. Moreover, the remote control can be used to select how much insulin to inj (Read more...)

Convenient Allergy Testing: Interview with Dr. Dua of Heal and Rebecca Rosenberger of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Heal, a California-based company, offers a doctor house call service and sends doctors to patients’ homes, or even work offices, for $99 or insurance copay. The service is currently available in Southern California, the Inland Empire, the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, with plans to (Read more...)

Virtual Reality Interactive Molecular Dynamics System to Help Researchers Design New Drugs

Drug discovery is a long and expensive process, and any technologies that can speed up how drugs are created has great potential to improve medicine overall. Scientists at Bristol University in the UK, Interactive Scientific, a spinoff of the university, and Oracle Corporation, have worked together to develop a virtual reality simulator that can be (Read more...)

Self-Adhesive Drug-Eluting Patch to Treat Mouth Ulcers

Researchers at the University of Sheffield, UK and the Danish company Dermtreat have jointly developed an innovative patch, known as the Rivelin, to improve treatment for mouth ulcers. The patch allows for highly-targeted treatment of ulcers with steroids and other drugs, while providing a protective barrier around the affected area. Current treatm (Read more...)

Wearable Vital Signs Monitor for Newborns: Interview with Neopenda Co-founders Sona Shah and Teresa Cauvel

Neopenda, a medical device startup based in Chicago, is developing medical solutions for low-resource settings, and has recently unveiled its first product, a wearable vital signs monitor for newborns. The company has reported that almost 3 million babies die within the first month of life. Up to 98% of these deaths occur in developing countries, [ (Read more...)