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Device Keeps Implanted Pancreatic Islets Oxygenated and Alive

MIT researchers have developed a device to keep implanted pancreatic islets oxygenated and alive. The technique involves a replenishable oxygen reservoir and a coating that protects the cells from the immune system. In tests in diabetic rats, the subcutaneous implants kept nearly 90% of the islets alive for up to eight months, and blood glucose [&h (Read more...)

Canon Releases Aplio i600 Ultrasound with Enhanced Ergonomics

Canon Medical is unveiling its recently FDA cleared Aplio i600 ultrasound system. It’s intended for both diagnostic and interventional procedures, featuring a bunch of tools that make setup quick and intuitive. An image-guide interface helps to move the clinician through the imaging exam. Canon touts the ergonomic design of the Aplio i600 tha (Read more...)

DeltaVen Closed System Peripheral IV Catheter Cleared in U.S.

Smiths Medical won FDA clearance and is releasing the DeltaVen Closed System Catheter, a product actually made by the Italian company Delta Med SpA. The peripheral IV catheter combines the needle, extension tubing, and an optional needlesless connector into one system. Clinicians can feel the insertion of the catheter into the vein during threading (Read more...)

ivWatch Detects IV Infiltrations and Extravasations: Interview with Gary Warren, President and CEO

ivWatch is a medical device manufacturer who we met with during CES 2018 in Las Vegas a couple months ago. They have developed of a non-invasive device that aims to establish a new standard of care for peripheral intravenous (IV) monitoring. The FDA-cleared ivWatch  continuously monitors a patient’s IV for the early detection of inf (Read more...)

Interview with Devyn Smith PhD, COO of Sigilon Therapeutics

Sigilon Therapeutics is a Cambridge, MA-based biotech company developing innovative therapeutics by encapsulating cells in a novel coating that renders them invisible to the immune system. The engineered cells contained in the company’s particles can provide long-term continuous therapy for a range of chronic disorders, including hemophilia a (Read more...)

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect Continuous Glucometer with Predictive Capabilities Approved by FDA

The FDA granted Medtronic its approval for the Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitor. It’s intended for diabetes patients between 14 and 75 years of age that tend to get multiple daily insulin injections. A small wireless device, the Guardian Sensor 3, is attached to the skin, which takes regular blood samples to test for sugar [&hellip (Read more...)

Kinsa Releases QuickCare Wireless Smartphone Thermometer

Kinsa is releasing a new digital smartphone-connected thermometer, the Kinsa QuickCare. It’s modeled on the original Kinsa thermometer that uploaded its readings to a smartphone via the headphone jack. This was a cheap and easy solution that let the company keep the price of the device very low. But, Apple choosing to get rid of […]