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Sympfiny System for Dispensing Multiparticulate Medications

Multiparticulate medications can consist of beads, mini-tablets and microspheres encased in a coating that hides their flavor and prevents them from being dissolved before they reach the stomach. Benefits include the ability to make these medications have just about any flavor, to make them release the drug at a pre-programmed rate, and even r (Read more...)

Smartphone Controlled Cells Produce Insulin in Diabetic Mice

Scientists in China and Switzerland have developed hydrogel implants containing red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and engineered cells that produce and release insulin in response to the far-red light emitted by the LEDs. The LEDs can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone app, meaning that the scientists could control insulin levels in diabeti (Read more...)

NasoNeb II Nasal Nebulizer Gets Green Light in Europe

MedInvent, a company based in Medina, Ohio, received European CE Mark approval for its NasoNeb II Nasal Nebulizer. The device is intended for patients with chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, delivering drugs (typically budesonide) into the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities. The company says the product provides superior spread (Read more...)

New Smart Sensor for Measuring Glucose from Skin

The sweat excreted by our skin contains small amounts of glucose that correlate with the concentration of glucose in the blood. Various technical challenges, such as small sample volume, temperature differences, and movement of the skin, have prevented sweat-based glucometry beyond the research lab. Scientists at the Institute for Basic Scienc (Read more...)

Clarius Wireless, Handheld Ultrasounds Cleared in Europe

Clarius, a company based in British Columbia, Canada, received European CE Mark approval for its wireless C3 and L7 ultrasound scanners. These devices are highly portable, battery powered, and use an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet for displaying the scans. They’re even water resistant, so can be used in a wide variety of in-clinic a (Read more...)