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Kinsa Releases QuickCare Wireless Smartphone Thermometer

Kinsa is releasing a new digital smartphone-connected thermometer, the Kinsa QuickCare. It’s modeled on the original Kinsa thermometer that uploaded its readings to a smartphone via the headphone jack. This was a cheap and easy solution that let the company keep the price of the device very low. But, Apple choosing to get rid of […]

Embrace Seizure Detection System Cleared in U.S.

The Embrace seizure monitoring watch from Empatica, a company with offices in Cambridge, MA and Milan, Italy, won clearance from the FDA. The device is worn like a watch, continuously monitoring not only the wrist movements, but also electrodermal activity that signals stress, to detect signs of an oncoming or existing seizures. An artificial intel (Read more...)

Amiko Respiro Inhaler Tracking System Cleared in Europe

Amiko Digital Health, a company based in London, UK, landed CE Mark approval for its Respiro sensors and accompany platform to be used with Teva’s Spiromax , Chiesi’s Nexthaler and GlaxoSmithKline’s Ellipta inhalers. The Respiro system records usage of an inhaler every time it’s accessed, passing that information in rea (Read more...)

Stethee, an AI Powered Electronic Stethoscope, Now Available

M3DICINE, a Brisbane, Australia firm, just launched an “AI enabled” electronic stethoscope called Stethee. The device, which we originally profiled a few years ago while it was still a Kickstarter project, can be used like a traditional stethoscope to auscultate patients, but to also amplify, filter, and record sounds, as well as to ana (Read more...)

Willow, a Wearable Breast Pump (CES 2018)

What you see is what you get. This sleek wearable breast pump from Willow, a Mountain View, CA-based company is an autonomous unit designed to pump and collect breast milk. There are no wires or any other external components. The milk is collected in a specially designed bag that fits inside the unit. The bag […]

High Tech Solution to Inhaler Compliance: Interview with Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium

Patients taking inhaled medications, particularly those with asthma, have to comply with the prescribed regimen in order to achieve optimal results. As anyone in medical practice knows, medication compliance among patients can be remarkably low. Adherium, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand, has come up with technology to tackle this issue for (Read more...)

EASYLOG Insulin Pen Injection Monitor Cleared in EU

BIOCORP, a company based in France, won European clearance to introduce its EASYLOG device for easy monitoring of insulin pen injector usage. It fits on most common pen injectors and records the dose delivered, including the product concentration, as well as the time and date of when the injection happened. The device itself doesn’t have [&he (Read more...)

New Replacement Heart Valve Grows as Child Gets Older

Children born with congenital heart valve defects number in the thousands each year, yet there are simply no artificial cardiac valves available that were designed specifically for babies. Multiple heart surgeries have to be performed as the child outgrows successive implants. In addition, since the devices were never intended for children, they of (Read more...)

Timestrip Vaccine Indicator Reminder Helps Parents in Poorly Developed Places Stay on Immunization Schedule

In developing nations that lack proper medical systems, kids’ vaccinations are often forgotten about and therefore missed, leading to the development of bigger problems down the road. In more developed nations, parents receive regular reminders via a variety of means and compliance remains quite high outside the community of skeptics. To help (Read more...)

Accurate Glucose Monitor Integrated Inside a Smartphone Case

While smartphones have been gaining all kinds of features such as GPS, barometry, and depth perception, diabetics are probably wondering why glucometers are still stand-alone devices. Well, this may be changing too, as researchers at University of California San Diego have developed a glucose meter that’s built into a smartphone case, and tha (Read more...)

My Diabetes Coach Named Runner-Up at Novo Nordisk’s 2017 HITLAB World Cup of Voice-Activated Technology in Diabetes

Earlier this year, Medgadget spoke with Timon LeDain from Macadamian, a software design and development firm, about My Diabetes Coach, a suite of technologies for pediatric diabetes management being developed in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario – Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (CHEO – (Read more...)