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Artificial Beta Cells Can Release Insulin On-Demand

Researchers from the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University have developed artificial beta cells that can release insulin in response to rising glucose levels in the blood stream. The technology could be used to treat diabetes through subcutaneous injections of the cells into patients, or gradual delivery using a skin patc (Read more...)

AI Reads Brainwaves to Assess Preterm Brain Maturity

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital have created the first AI that is capable of estimating the functional brain maturity of pre-term babies. The software interprets electroencephalography (EEG) measurements taken from preterm infants to make calculations about the brain’s functional maturity. Based on m (Read more...)

Butterfly iQ, a Whole Body Ultrasound That Fits in a Pocket

Butterfly Network, a firm based in Guilford, Connecticut, won FDA clearance and is introducing its Butterfly iQ portable ultrasound system. It consists of a portable transducer that connects directly to an iPhone, and an iOS app to display the images and to control settings. The device actually works as three different transducers thanks to an [&he (Read more...)

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario and Macadamian Partner to Develop Voice-Enabled Solution for Pediatric Patients with Type 2 Diabetes (Interview)

Voice-enabled technologies are changing the landscape of digital health by offering a new channel to engage patients who are managing their chronic conditions. To leverage this opportunity, Macadamian, a software design and development firm, and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario – Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (CHEO (Read more...)

Abionic Detects Your Allergies in Minutes

Abionic, a Swiss company, has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registration for detecting allergies to cats, dogs, trees, and grasses. The firm’s nanotechnology-focused assay can yield results in as little as five minutes, with some tests taking up to 20 minutes, and uses just a single drop of blood (no this isn’t a [&hell (Read more...)

Esaote Unveils Its Flagship MyLab9 Ultrasound System

Esaote, the Italian ultrasound manufacturer, has just unveiled its brand new high-end MyLab9 ultrasound system. The device is designed for all sorts of diagnostic imaging procedures and clinical environments. The MyLab9 features non-composite single crystal probe technology and “Ultra-engine” platform that together generate high qu (Read more...)

Tiny Nanopatch Shown Highly Effective Against Polio Virus

A new vaccine delivering “Nanopatch” has just been tested that may finally help put an end to polio. Developed by a scientist at Queensland University in Australia and commercialized by Vaxxas, a firm based in Sydney, the patch has microscopic needles projecting from its bottom that pass the vaccine directly to the antigen-presenting ce (Read more...)

Dräger Babyleo TN500 IncuWarmer Now Available in U.S.

Dräger is now making available in the United States its Babyleo TN500 IncuWarmer beds. These devices keep a careful control of the temperature inside the infant warmer/incubator and can be used in open and closed care, as well as during transitions. It has three different heating units, including a convective heater, a dual radiant warmer (Read more...)