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Kids Want Virtual Reality to Help Get Through Immunizations

Getting children to go through a needle-based immunization can be incredibly frustrating to parents and very scary for the kids. Cheap virtual reality headsets are becoming just the thing to overcome this seemingly perpetual problem and researchers at Florida Atlantic University were looking to prove this out. The group invited a group of kids (Read more...)

Dexcom G6 Continous Glucometer Going on Sale in Europe

Dexcom won European regulatory approval to introduce its Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitoring system wherever the CE Mark applies. We checked out the system recently to get a better idea of its latest features and how it works. It’s indicated for diabetes patients that are two years in age or older, effectively eliminating the need [&helli (Read more...)

Automatic Robot Draws Blood, Performs Hematology Analysis

Rutgers University researchers have created a desktop system that can automatically take patient blood samples (robotic phlebotomy) and process them without any human intervention. Making such technology available for hospitals and clinics may have significant consequences, as blood draws are the most common clinical procedures. Though they may see (Read more...)

Health Technology Briefs from the ITF Demo Floor

Medgadget was recently invited to attend the imec Technology Forum (ITF) conference in Antwerp, Belgium. One of the highlights of the conference was the demo floor where imec, which is a non-profit R&D innovation organization, had the opportunity to show off some cool technologies from their research teams, spinoff companies, and partner organi (Read more...)

Admetsys Develops Artificial Pancreas for Critical Care

Admetsys, a company headquartered in Boston, has developed a system for controlling blood glucose levels in critical care patients. Essentially an artificial pancreas, the system relies on a lab-on-a-chip that’s embedded within an intravenous catheter to measure glucose and lactic acid, automatically supplying insulin or glucose to keep the p (Read more...)

Students Develop Cheap and Portable Cough Assist Device

People with cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and other chronic conditions can have serious difficulty coughing. This creates not only discomfort, but potentially dangerous complications for the lungs and heart. There are cough assist devices on the market that help, but they tent to be pricey, heavy, and require electric power. Now students at (Read more...)

Biomarker to Differentiate Between Type 1 Diabetes and Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young

Scientists from MedGenome, Genentech and Madras Institute of Technology in India have spotted a biomarker that may help avoid misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in children. Those with Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) have different treatment needs than Type 1 requires, but a genomic analysis like the one done by the researchers can he (Read more...)

“Smart” Training Devices Alleviate Concerns of Self-Injection: Interview with Noble International’s Joe Reynolds

Most patients encounter shots and injections, like the flu vaccine, in the context of a clinic or local pharmacy. However, for many patients, shots and injections are not an annual occurrence but are required frequently and, as a result, need to be self-administered at home. Biologic drugs have recently found success addressing chronic disease (Read more...)

EEG Shown Effective at Predicting Onset of Autism

Diagnosing autism early in kid’s life can help to mitigate its future development. Now researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital are reporting in journal Scientific Reports that they were able to use EEG (electroencephalography) to predict the onset of autism or rule out its development with impressive accuracy. A group of children wa (Read more...)