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Hemopurifier Filters Ebola, Hep C, Metastatic Melanoma: Interview with James A. Joyce, CEO of Aethlon Medical

Filtering infectious pathogens and cancer cells directly from whole blood has been an almost fantastic proposition, but the Hemopurifier from Aethlon Medical does just that. We’ve been covering it for over 10 years on Medgadget as it proves itself in clinical trials and new applications for it are discovered. It has already been stu (Read more...)

A Pill to Replace Needles: Interview with Mir Imran, Chairman and CEO of Rani Therapeutics

Operating within InCube Labs, a multi-disciplinary life sciences R&D lab based in Silicon Valley, Rani Therapeutics is developing a novel approach for the oral delivery of large-molecule drugs such as basal insulin, which is currently delivered via injections. By replacing painful injections with a painless, easy-to-take pill, the technology ha (Read more...)

New MRI Technique Images Glucose in Body to Spot Tumors

Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have developed a highly sensitive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system that can image tumors in the body, without the need for conventional contrast agents or radioactivity. Normally, doctors often inject a contrast agent into the blood before an MRI scan. The contrast agent circulates in the blood (Read more...)

Newly Designed Nanorods Act as Dual Imaging Agents for Improved Diagnostics and Surgical Use

Scientists at the PNG College of Technology have developed new nanoscale rods that may be an effective dual-mode imaging agent for detecting cancer. The nanorods can be seen using both magnetic resonance and optical imaging techniques. Combining the two offers potentially better localization results during pre-op imaging, but can also allow for eas (Read more...)

Electronic Barcoding of Microparticles to Help Bring Disease Biomarker Detection out of Lab

As research is progressing in understanding human diseases, it turns out that many conditions have related biomarkers that show up in the blood and other body fluids. Being able to continuously monitor for the presence of disease biomarkers outside a clinical setting may allow for early detection of cancer and other diseases. Researchers at Ru (Read more...)

Using Watson to Diagnose Skin Cancer: Interview with IBM Computer Vision Scientist, Noel Codella

With an approximate 100,000 people in the US diagnosed with melanoma each year and a total of 5 million diagnosed with a variety of other skin cancers, a lot of research has gone into improving current methods of early detection and speeding up diagnoses. Unfortunately, in addition to a highly-trained pair of eyes and significant […]

Videssa Breast Blood Diagnostic Test for Breast Cancer

Provista Diagnostics, a company based in New York City, has developed the Videssa Breast blood-based proteomic test to detect breast cancer. At present, after an abnormal mammogram doctors are faced with a difficult decision: whether to carry out an invasive biopsy or not. “When a mammogram yields an abnormal result, the challenge for ev (Read more...)

Breast Cancer Detection Using Ultrasound: Interview with Dr. Georgia Giakoumis Spear, NorthShore University Health System

Detecting breast cancer is of vital importance in terms of treating it early and effectively. Mammography is the gold standard in routinely screening women for breast cancer. However, in a subset of women with dense breast tissue, mammography doesn’t work as well as one would hope. In fact, it can miss up to a third […]

This post Breas (Read more...)