Tag: Neurology

Artificial Sensory Nerve Made of Flexible Organic Electronics

Scientists at Stanford and Seoul National University managed to build artificial tactile sensory nerves out of flexible organic electronics. The system is able to detect pressures down to 1 kilopascal and to do so in clusters that mimic the sensitivity of natural skin. Using their device the investigators were able to read Braille as would [&hellip (Read more...)

Now Available: Neural Analytics’ Lucid Robotic Ultrasound System for Brain Blood Flow Assessment

Neural Analytics, the Los Angeles based company that won FDA clearance a couple of years ago for its Lucid M1 Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound System, now won another clearance, this time for its NeuralBot robotic ultrasound positioner. The two devices work together and when united will be called the Lucid Robotic System. The NeuralBot automatically (Read more...)

AmnioStem Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, a Phoenix, Arizona firm, has filed for a patent for its AmnioStem amniotic fluid derived stem cell therapy for treatment of stroke. According to the company, “The patent application covers the use of the Company’s newly licensed AmnioStem stem cell as a production means for generation of nanoparticl (Read more...)

Easing Migraines with an Earplug: Interview with Cirrus Healthcare’s Grant O’Connell

Migraines are throbbing headaches often associated with light or sound sensitivity and nausea. They can be a severely debilitating, with an estimated 13% of US adults experiencing them and 2-3 million of whom are classified as chronic sufferers. Although the causes of migraines are not completely understood, many sufferers report increased incidenc (Read more...)