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Healthcare Blockchain Startup Coral Health Announces Health Records App and Upcoming Token Sale (Interview)

Earlier this year Medgadget spoke with Coral Health about the company’s vision to create a more connected future in healthcare by leveraging blockchain technology. At the time, Coral Health COO Philip Parker commented that, “While EHRs have made record sharing possible, sharing has remained laborious and it wasn’t until the F (Read more...)

Surgical VR Firm Osso VR Launches Collaborative Training Tool: Exclusive With CEO Dr. Justin Barad

Osso VR, a leading virtual reality (VR) surgical training technology company, has recently announced the launch of its collaborative training feature that allows multiple surgeons to train together in a single immersive VR space. The option to train collaboratively offers improved learning opportunities for surgeons and the surgical teams regardles (Read more...)

Convenient Allergy Testing: Interview with Dr. Dua of Heal and Rebecca Rosenberger of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Heal, a California-based company, offers a doctor house call service and sends doctors to patients’ homes, or even work offices, for $99 or insurance copay. The service is currently available in Southern California, the Inland Empire, the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia, with plans to (Read more...)

EyeQue Insight Visual Acuity Screener: A Medgadget Review

Every year, our “screen time” continues to increase as our gadgets get bigger and brighter. According to the Vision Council, our digital devices are causing 60.5% of Americans to report symptoms of digital eye strain, and it’s uncertain how these devices will affect our vision long-term. Aside from taking frequent breaks from our (Read more...)

Improving Medication Compliance with Smart Pill Bottles: Interview with AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein

Compliance with medications is considered one of the best ways for patients to stay on track in managing their health. However, driving adherence is a complex problem influenced by not only medical, but also economic, social, and geographic factors. Ensuring patients continue taking their medications, while understanding and addressing the source(s (Read more...)

G-Med, An International Social Platform for Physicians: Interview with CEO Ilan Ben Ezri

Scientific researchers commonly collaborate beyond their specific institutions, and sometimes even their field, with peers around the world studying related subjects and solving adjacent challenges. Physicians, on the other hand, are typically limited to their immediate practice or physician colleagues for input on complex cases or insights into ch (Read more...)

The World’s First Wireless, App-Based Ultrasound: Interview with Dr. Ryu, CEO of Healcerion

Healcerion, based in South Korea, was the first company to receive FDA clearance for a wireless, app-based ultrasound system back in 2015. The groundbreaking work done by South Korean engineers and scientists laid the foundation for the development of an ultrasound transducer that works with most smartphones or tablets. Since introducing the S (Read more...)