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4Dx Uses Algorithms to Better Visualize Lung Function

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects millions of people in the United States. The main method of diagnosis is the pulmonary function tests (PFTs), in which a patient breathes into a machine that measures pulmonary parameters. The disadvantage, however, is that pulmonary function tests take an “average” of a patient’s lung (Read more...)

IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence System for Cancer Care: Interview with Elekta’s Andrew Wilson

Elekta, the big name in radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and oncology informatics that’s based in Sweden, recently partnered with IBM to offer the Watson for Oncology artificial intelligence (AI) platform along with its MOSAIQ Oncology Information System and other cancer care solutions. According to Richard Hausmann, the CEO of Elekta, it is &ldqu (Read more...)

Anti-Microbial Nanotechnology: Interview with Adrian Fellows, Head of R&D at AGA Nanotech

AGA Nanotech, a medtech company based in the UK, has developed nanotechnologies aimed at overcoming antimicrobial resistance, with a view to offering an alternative to conventional antibiotics. The company has collaborated with researchers from University College London to create poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticles that can deliver h (Read more...)

New Technologies for Remote Cardiac Monitoring by Biotricity: Interview with CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq

New on the scene of remote monitoring, Biotricity is tackling cardiovascular disease with a “real-time, high-precision remote monitoring technology.” Earlier this year, the company secured FDA 510k approval for Bioflux, a 3-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring system designed for use by physicians. Triggered notifications about a (Read more...)

IrisVision for Low Vision: Interview with Ammad Khan, CEO and Frank Werblin, Chief Scientist and Inventor

IrisVision, a medtech company based in California, have developed a low-cost visual aid system for people with low vision. The system currently harnesses the power of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone mounted in a Samsung Gear VR headset. The phone captures the scene using the smartphone’s camera, then remaps the scene to enhance its visibility for (Read more...)

ivWatch Detects IV Infiltrations and Extravasations: Interview with Gary Warren, President and CEO

ivWatch is a medical device manufacturer who we met with during CES 2018 in Las Vegas a couple months ago. They have developed of a non-invasive device that aims to establish a new standard of care for peripheral intravenous (IV) monitoring. The FDA-cleared ivWatch  continuously monitors a patient’s IV for the early detection of inf (Read more...)

VitalConnect Introduces an Integrated Patient-Monitoring Platform: Interview with CCO, Bill Brodie

In a world of big data analytics and quantified-selfers, wearable technology companies are uniquely positioned to bring about measurable differences in our everyday lives. While Fitbits and Apple Watches are common on wrists around the U.S., some industry leaders have called their true utility into question. VitalConnect’s unique approac (Read more...)

Instant Wave-Free Ratio for the Assessment of Coronaries: Interview with Andrew Tochterman of Philips

Philips offers a portfolio of advanced image-guided therapy devices, and has developed instant wave-free ratio (iFR), a method to assess if a coronary stenosis is causing myocardial ischemia. If a coronary vessel is partially occluded, it is important to assess the extent to which it is reducing the blood supply to the myocardium, as this [… (Read more...)

Notes from WIRED Health 2018 at Francis Crick Institute

Set in its new home of the Francis Crick Institute, WIRED Health 2018 brought together world leaders and change-makers in cancer, aging, artificial intelligence, government, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, to name but a few. Alongside the main event, cutting-edge medtech companies demonstrated their new technologies, and budding start-up (Read more...)

aerSleep System for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Interview)

TTP Ventus, UK-based developer of Disc Pump, a tiny, quiet, and very efficient pump, and Sommetrics, US-based creator of aerSleep negative-pressure treatment system for obstructive sleep apnea, teamed up to develop the slimmed-down tetherless aerSleep system. aerSleep has just recently been approved for marketing to patients in Canada. Obstructive (Read more...)