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Interview with Rupa Basu, BIOTRONIK’s Senior VP of Marketing, Corporate Accounts and Strategy

Millions of people experience heart rhythm disturbances in their lifetime. This has propelled cardiac electrophysiology to become one of the most innovative fields in medicine today. BIOTRONIK, a privately owned, global company with headquarters in Germany, is one of the leaders in the cardiac rhythm management space. Aside from its European r (Read more...)

Interview with Dave Liebl, Heraeus Medical Components

Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) is known for its state-of-the-art solutions delivered to the global medical device industry. The company boasts seven production sites across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Central America, designing and manufacturing key components for leading medical devices. Recently, Medgadget readers may have seen the keynote addre (Read more...)

R.I.P. – Scanadu Scout – 01/30/15-05/15/17

The infamous, but greatly-hyped Scanadu Scout prematurely departed this Earth shortly after midnight on May 15 in the year of our Lord 2017, to join the likes of Google Glass, Amazon Fire Phone, and the Nintendo Virtual Boy in Gadget Flop Heaven. It was just over 27 months old. The Scanadu Scout was conceived in […]

Health Datapalooza 2017 Day 2: Consumer Tech Ecosystems, Healthcare Policy and Two Big RWJF Announcements

Ensuring that a conference discussing health did indeed practice what it preached, day two of this year’s Health Datapalooza got off to an early start with a Stride Health-sponsored 3 and 5 mile fun run. Back at the conference venue, the day’s content began on the main stage with Dr. Mark McClellan, Director of the Duke […]

23andMe: A Medgadget Review

In 2007, Anne Wojcicki’s 23andMe transformed personalized health with the unveiling of a direct to consumer genetic testing service in which subscribers would receive information about their ancestry, physical traits, and disease carriers by simply providing a saliva sample via mail to the company’s labs. Since then, 23andMe h (Read more...)

How to Create the Impossible: Interview With XPRIZE Runner-Up Team Dynamical Biomarkers Group

For the past five years, Taiwan-based Dynamical Biomarkers Group has been developing a prototype device which pairs diagnostic algorithms with analytical methodology in a user-friendly device, all controlled through a smartphone. For their efforts, they were selected as the second-place finalist of the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE and received $1 (Read more...)

S+, Setting a New Standard in Consumer and Clinical Sleep Technology: Interview with Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs

Launched a little under four months ago, the S+ platform is the newest technology disrupting the $60B consumer sleep industry. Developed by SleepScore Labs, a joint venture between ResMed, a 25-year leader in prescription sleep medical devices, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors, the S+ is a clinical grade, non-prescription, non-contact sl (Read more...)

Review: OTO-TIP Wax Remover by Clear Ear

We recently had the chance to review OTO-TIP by Clear Ear, founded by Lily Truong and Vandana Jain, MD out of the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship. The concept was developed to address a simple problem that is the leading cause of hearing loss: ear wax. The OTO-TIP extracts ear wax with a soft silicone screw tip that […]

Update from London Global Forum on Life Science Innovation

The two-day Global Forum on Life Science Innovation came to London last week, bringing together participants from industry, academia, and advocacy charities. The program’s speakers included a number of Directors of Research who set out the pressing global issues facing the life sciences sector and showcased some exciting new innovations for c (Read more...)

Interview: International Trachoma Initiative and Pfizer On Par To Eliminate and Eradicate Trachoma-caused Blindness

Thanks to advances in science and technology, the world is now on the cusp of eliminating several debilitating diseases that affect the world’s most disadvantaged populations. Many experts who have dedicated their careers to ending trachoma recently attended an international summit in Geneva (April 19-22, 2017) to discuss the progress to date (Read more...)