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New and Improved Planmed Verity CBCT Scanner Unveiled

Planmed, based in Helsinki, Finland, is releasing an upgraded new version of its popular Planmed Verity CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) extremity scanner. The system is intended for ortho, as well as head and neck imaging, and even advanced dental applications. It is CE marked in Europe and is now available wherever the mark applies. [… (Read more...)

GE’s New Versana Essential Budget Friendly Ultrasound

GE Healthcare is unveiling a new budget conscious ultrasound system, the Versana Essential. GE touts it as having excellent image quality for the price and sees it being used by OB-GYNs, family and general practice physicians, and by clinicians in a number of other specialties. Using it you can view the thyroid vasculature, kidney vessels, [&hellip (Read more...)

Advisor HD Grid Mapping Catheter, Sensor Enabled, Cleared in Europe to Map Cardiac Arrhythmias

Abbott has announced that its Advisor HD Grid Mapping Catheter, Sensor Enabled, landed CE Mark approval in Europe. The device is used to track down sources of difficult to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias in order to locate targets for therapeutic ablation procedures. It relies on both electrical impedance and magnetic sensing to map out the heart (Read more...)

GE’s Augmented Reality Technology for Ultrasound Training

Training clinicians to properly scan patients with ultrasound probe, particularly in countries with a poor medical education infrastructure, can be a slow process. While the cost and accessibility of ultrasound is dropping rapidly, the number of people qualified to use this equipment is not keeping up. A team at General Electric is now working on [ (Read more...)

FDA Approves Planmed’s Budget Friendly, but Attractive Clarity 2D Mammography System

Planmed, a Finnish company specializing in breast cancer radiography systems, won FDA approval for its Clarity 2D digital mammography device. The Clarity 2D is a budget mammography system that has a lot of the features that exist in more expensive systems. Planmed touts its TriFilter technology that produces high quality images at a low radiation [ (Read more...)

DiffuserCam: Lensless 3D Imaging without Scanning

Three dimensional images can now be created from a single two dimensional image using a new computational imaging technique developed by a research team at the University of California, Berkeley. A hallmark of the new approach is that it does not require a complex, expensive hardware setup, but instead relies on a compact, inexpensive, lensless [&h (Read more...)

480 Biomedical Develops Bioresorbable Stent as Strong as Metal

With every heartbeat blood is carried through the arteries to provide organs with life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients. In patients suffering from diseases such as atherosclerosis, arterial blood flow can be severely restricted, limiting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. To re-establish blood flow, surgeons may place a stent to mechanically re- (Read more...)

Nanoparticle-Based Imaging of Metastasis Throughout Body

Common radiological tumor detection technique these days is done using contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which can only detect tumors of a certain size or larger. This is a major limitation, as it leaves patients with smaller tumors that grow and spread undetected, preventing early treatment of many cancers. Researchers at Rutgers (Read more...)

Ultrasound Imaging Needle Set to Transform Heart Surgery

Researchers in London have published details of a revolutionary new cardiology needle capable of imaging the heart’s soft tissues from within. The team from University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) used the new all-optical ultrasound imaging system for heart surgery in pigs, successfully capturing high-resolu (Read more...)

RICOH MEG Magnetoencephalography System Wins FDA Clearance

Ricoh, a large Japanese industrial company, won FDA clearance for its RICOH MEG magnetoencephalography  system. The device is able to detect electrical signals within the brain by measuring the magnetic fields produced as electric currents move within the brain. According to the company, the device was developed to provide “deeper m (Read more...)