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PET Tracer to Directly Detect Blood Clots

Researchers in Germany have developed a fluorine-based tracer compound that can bind with high affinity to small clots, allowing doctors to image them using positron emission tomography (PET). Blood clots can cause heart attacks and strokes. Doctors often need to find clots using imaging techniques, so that they can treat them or identify where thr (Read more...)

MRI Compatible Biopsy Robot to Allow Precise Biopsies

Engineers at the University of Twente in The Netherlands have unveiled a new pneumatically powered robot, called Stormram 4, able to take biopsy samples while inside an MRI machine. In tests conducted by the researchers on phantom models of the breast the investigators were able to achieve sub-millimeter precision in reaching their targets. Current (Read more...)

BIOTRONIK’s Pulsar-18 Stent with Thin Delivery System for Superficial Femoral Arteries Now Available

BIOTRONIK is releasing its new Pulsar-18, a self-expanding stent designed for placement within the superficial femoral artery (SFA). This is the only FDA approved device of its kind to fit inside a 4 French sized delivery catheter, making it easier to get it through difficult lesions and place it accurately at the target location. The dev (Read more...)

New MRI Technique Images Glucose in Body to Spot Tumors

Scientists at the German Cancer Research Center have developed a highly sensitive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system that can image tumors in the body, without the need for conventional contrast agents or radioactivity. Normally, doctors often inject a contrast agent into the blood before an MRI scan. The contrast agent circulates in the blood (Read more...)

Coffee Helmet for Better Nose and Throat Surgery

Engineers at Vanderbilt University have developed a silicon cap filled with coffee grounds to track patient head movements and orientation during delicate nose and throat surgery. The technology was recently presented at the International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions in Barcelona, Spain. At present, patien (Read more...)

Merit Medical’s Embosphere Microspheres for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Enlarged Prostate

Merit Medical has announced winning de novo clearance for its Embosphere Microspheres to be used for prostatic artery embolization procedures as a treatment option for symptomatic enlarged prostate. The de novo classification means that this is the first product that can be used to embolize the prostatic artery without resorting to surgery. The tin (Read more...)

Newly Designed Nanorods Act as Dual Imaging Agents for Improved Diagnostics and Surgical Use

Scientists at the PNG College of Technology have developed new nanoscale rods that may be an effective dual-mode imaging agent for detecting cancer. The nanorods can be seen using both magnetic resonance and optical imaging techniques. Combining the two offers potentially better localization results during pre-op imaging, but can also allow for eas (Read more...)