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Expansion Microscopy Swells Samples for Better Imaging

When trying to use light and conventional optics to image a biological sample at great detail, one eventually encounters the fact that objects smaller than the light’s wavelength cannot be resolved. While technological tricks have been developed to overcome this limitation in some ways, a team of researchers from MIT and Harvard have ins (Read more...)

New Imaging Technique Provides Molecular Orientation in Samples to Help Study Neuro Diseases

A team of French scientists has developed a high speed imaging technique that provides them an unprecedented view of the chemical nature of biological samples. Not only does it provide an analysis of the chemical content, it also provides information about the orientation of the molecules detected. The newly available perspective of the molecular d (Read more...)

Using Light to Activate Genes and Kill Cancer

Scientists at Kyoto University in Japan have developed a gene delivery system, involving gold nanorods and a near infrared laser, which can transport a gene into cells and activate it. Changing gene expression is a powerful way to affect cell behavior, and scientists hope to use this approach to treat a variety of diseases. Researchers […]

Engineering Immune Organoids : An Interview with Prof. Ankur Singh from Cornell University

Organ-on-a-chip technologies are redefining the way in which in vitro models help understand and recapitulate the in vivo environment. The immune system is particularly difficult to model in an in vitro environment because of the complexity of biological, mechanical, and chemical cues that modulate the immune cells. Prof. Ankur Singh, an assistant (Read more...)

Magnets and Nanoparticles for On-Demand Leaky Vessels

Scientists at Rice University have developed a method to open gaps between the endothelial cells that line blood vessels using a magnetic field and iron oxide nanoparticles. The gaps close by themselves after the researchers remove the magnets. They hope that the concept could be used to help deliver larger therapeutic molecules like proteins to [& (Read more...)

Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis with a Blood Test: Interview with IQuity CEO, Dr. Chase Spurlock

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that afflicts an approximate 2.5 million patients world-wide, giving rise to multiple issues regarding quality of life and the potential for disability. Up to 15,000 people are newly diagnosed with MS every year in the US, while another 45,000 experience a clinical precursor with similar symptom (Read more...)

Microchip Sorts DNA Fragments by Size in Minutes

At the University of Twente in The Netherlands, scientists have come up with a rapid and inexpensive way of separating out DNA fragments from a sample. The technology will help speed up DNA sequencing, which normally relies on using computers to virtually combine millions of DNA fragments into a single string. Currently, the so-called fraction (Read more...)