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Smartfoam Can Measure Impacts in Football Helmets

Biomedical engineers at Brigham Young University have developed a nanocomposite “smartfoam” lining for football helmets, which measures impacts and can help coaches know if a player may have sustained a brain injury. Football players risk concussions during games. If a player is involved in a collision, it can be difficult to know wheth (Read more...)

Algorithm Makes Smartwatches More Effective Movement Trackers

Researchers at the University of Sussex in the UK have devised an algorithm that helps smartwatches track activity more effectively by learning new movements as they happen, rather than just having a limited number of pre-programmed activities they can recognize. Wearable devices to track movement are currently very popular. At the moment, the (Read more...)

Flexible Skin Worn Electricity Generator Powered by Sweat

Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed what they claim is by far the most powerful wearable fuel cells that run on sweat and produce enough electricity to energize small components such as LEDs and Bluetooth radios. The stretchable devices stick to the skin and conform to its movements, maintaining the ability to [ (Read more...)

SOZO High End Bioimpedance Spectroscopy System Being Released

ImpediMed, a company with offices in California and Australia, is releasing its new SOZO bioimpedance spectroscopy system that performs advanced body composition analysis. The technology involves sending out electric current through the arms and legs and detecting how the body affects it as it passes through. Though this technology has been in exis (Read more...)

PhysioSensing Smart Pressure Pad to Improve Rehab: Interview with Sensing Future’s Pedro De Jesus Mendes

Sensing Future Technologies, a startup company based in Coimbra, Portugal, has developed a system called PhysioSensing that relies on a dense electronic pressure pad to assess a variety of characteristics about a person’s physical state, including balance, limits of stability, and related parameters. It can also be used, in a combination (Read more...)

Smart Undergarment to Prevent Back Pain

Engineers at Vanderbilt University have developed a smart undergarment that supports the back during lifting tasks, to reduce the risk of back injury. The team recently unveiled the technology at the Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics in Brisbane, Australia. “I’m sick of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne being the only ones (Read more...)

Brightlamp Smartphone App to Check for Concussions

Brightlamp, a startup out of Purdue University, is developing an app that uses machine learning and the smartphone camera to help diagnose a concussion in about five seconds. Concussions are a type of brain injury that can happen during a collision or impact, causing the affected person to feel dizzy or disoriented. In sports like American [&h (Read more...)

HeartIn, a Workout T-Shirt With ECG Built Right In

HeartIn, a company with offices in Silicon Valley and Kyiv, Ukraine, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring to market a t-shirt with built-in electrocardiography (ECG) capabilities. The technology is aimed at helping athletes optimize their workout routines by having a better idea of how the heart is doing doing various exercis (Read more...)