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Microfluidic Device for Onco Chemo Testing

Chemotherapy can be very difficult on patients, but finding out that the cancer didn’t respond to the chemo is even more disturbing. Soon there may be a way to try different chemo agents on a patient’s own tumor cells taken during a biopsy. Researchers at Purdue University have developed a microfluidic system inside which tumor [&hellip (Read more...)

How Tracing Your Ancestors Could Improve Your Health: Interview with Dr. Ian Zinck, Head of Science and Research at Athletigen

Athletigen is a genetics company with offices in Halifax and Toronto, Canada, that offers advice to athletes and exercise enthusiasts to help maintain and improve their health, based on their genetic data. Customers can get their DNA sequenced, and then based on their unique genetic traits, Athletigen will identify genetic variants that can impact (Read more...)

Healcerion Receives FDA Clearance for New SONON 300L Wireless, App-based Ultrasound System

Healcerion, based in South Korea, was the first company to receive FDA clearance for their wireless, app-based ultrasound system back in 2015. The groundbreaking work done by South Korean engineers and scientists laid the foundation for the development of an ultrasound transducer that works with most smartphones or tablets. Since introducing the SO (Read more...)

Cheap, Easy to Integrate Technology Converts Any 2D Ultrasound Machine into 3D Scanner

Portable ultrasound technology is improving and becoming more affordable, allowing it to be used in places previously impossible due to size and cost. Full size ultrasound imagers can do some impressive stuff, such as creating 3D reconstructions obtained from 2D probes. Now researchers at Duke University are introducing incredibly cheap and easy to (Read more...)

Artificial Beta Cells Can Release Insulin On-Demand

Researchers from the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University have developed artificial beta cells that can release insulin in response to rising glucose levels in the blood stream. The technology could be used to treat diabetes through subcutaneous injections of the cells into patients, or gradual delivery using a skin patc (Read more...)