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Healthcare Blockchain Startup Coral Health Announces Health Records App and Upcoming Token Sale (Interview)

Earlier this year Medgadget spoke with Coral Health about the company’s vision to create a more connected future in healthcare by leveraging blockchain technology. At the time, Coral Health COO Philip Parker commented that, “While EHRs have made record sharing possible, sharing has remained laborious and it wasn’t until the F (Read more...)

Shift Labs Announces Partnership with Option Care Enterprises for National Use of DripAssist

DripAssist by Shift Labs is an infusion rate monitor that offers a significant improvement in portability, efficiency, durability and ease of use over traditional infusion monitors. The last time Medgadget reported on Shift Labs, the company had just received their CE mark for DripAssist. The device is also FDA approved. Now, Shift Labs is ann (Read more...)

Microsoft’s Glasses to Monitor Blood Pressure

A number of approaches have been tried in the past to accurately measure blood pressure, but the upper-arm cuff remains the standard used in hospitals, clinics, and by patients at home. People that require frequent daily checks of their blood pressure know that it can often be inconvenient to have to have a cuff-based pressure […]

Nano-Optic Endoscope Allows High-Resolution Imaging

Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new type of endoscopic imaging catheter. The catheter uses metalenses, which contain nanostructures to focus light, to achieve higher resolution imaging than conventional catheter imaging systems. So far, the researchers have used the new system to image deep into (Read more...)

Drop of Blood Enough for This Device to Diagnose Brain Injury

Brain injuries, particularly the milder ones, are difficult to accurately diagnose. CT scanners can help, but often they just don’t have the resolution for clinicians to identify unusual aberrations in the image. Moreover, they expose patients to radiation, are not always available, and the process of using them and evaluating the images prod (Read more...)

Clinical Grade Urinalysis at Home with Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become surprisingly useful in medicine, but they still remain mostly as assistants to the core process of medicine. They make it easy for clinicians to communicate, absorb information, take notes, and do so many other things. They’re still rarely used for diagnostics, but that’s changing too. Healthy.io, a company out o (Read more...)

Accu-Chek Solo Tube-Free Insulin Micropump Cleared in Europe

Roche will soon release in Europe its tube-free Accu-Chek Solo insulin micropump following the CE marking of the device. The micropump comes with a smartphone-like wireless remote control that features glucose monitoring and provides advice on how much insulin to administer. Moreover, the remote control can be used to select how much insulin to inj (Read more...)