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Pill-Sized Chemical Heater for Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tests

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed a miniaturized chemical heater that can precisely heat biological samples during diagnostic tests, but does not require electricity or any specialized equipment to work. The low-cost technology is based on the exothermic reaction that occurs when lithium encounters water, and the precise shape (Read more...)

COSMED Q-NRG+ Metabolic Monitor Cleared in U.S.

The FDA has cleared COSMED’s Q-NRG+ metabolic monitor, a device that uses indirect calorimetry to measure a patient’s energy demands. Q-NRG+, made by COSMED, a company based in Rome, Italy, can help to prevent malnutrition in seriously ill patients without relying on traditional, and often inaccurate, measures such as age, gender, weigh (Read more...)

Electronic Bandage Delivers Drugs, Leaves No Scar

Chronic wounds, such as those associated with diabetes, can be incredibly difficult to manage. Even the process of accessing and medicating the wound can be detrimental to healing. Researchers from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Harvard Medical School, and University of Connecticut are now reporting on having developed an electronic bandage that c (Read more...)

BioSticker FDA Cleared for Month-Long Vitals Monitoring

BioIntelliSense, a Silicon Valley firm, won FDA clearance for its BioSticker wearable sensor and the company is also releasing its Data-as-a-Service platform. The BioSticker can track heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body position, sleep status, and activity levels, as well as provide a high-resolution gait analysis, fall detection, (Read more...)

4D Printing to Make Barbs for Microneedle Arrays

Microneedle arrays are promising as a way to help heal wounds, administer drugs, and sense a variety of biomarkers of health and disease. Because of their tiny size and smooth surface, microneedles don’t stay put in the tissues they’re attached to and tend to fall off if not kept in place by some means. Now, […]

Patch Automatically Delivers Insulin as Blood Glucose Rises

New technology has been making an impact on how diabetics control their blood sugar levels. A combination of a wearable glucometer and insulin pump, connected via a smart control mechanism, can function as an artificial pancreas, but researchers at University of California Los Angeles, University of North Carolina, and MIT have created and now test (Read more...)

Serenno System Unveiled for Continuous Kidney Monitoring

Serenno Medical, an Israeli firm, has unveiled its Sentinel automatic device for monitoring and detecting kidney damage. Designed for use within the hospital, the Sentinel works by continuously measuring urine output and volume to help detect cases of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). These days, nurses typically manually measure the amount of urine a pat (Read more...)

MIT Researchers Prove Non-Invasive Glucose Sensing Possible

Measuring blood glucose concentrations still requires direct access to blood, whether through a finger prick or via a continuous glucometer. MIT scientists working with colleagues at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea are reporting that they’ve developed a non-invasive blood glucose measurement device that may finally tur (Read more...)

Wearable Monitor Provides Continuous Blood Pressure Data

Researchers at Monash University in Australia have developed a wearable device that can continuously monitor blood pressure during a variety of activities including while exercising and during sleep. The technology does not require uncomfortable inflatable cuffs or invasive measurements, and uses continuous wave radar and photoplethysmogram sensors (Read more...)