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AdhereTech’s Smart System Improves Medication Compliance

Taking pills can be easy to forget and factors such as unpleasant side effects can significantly contribute to missed doses. This is especially true for serious diseases with complicated and prolonged regimens, often leading to decreased patient adherence at a time when staying on a drug regimen is especially important. AdhereTech currently helps p (Read more...)

Kinsa Releases QuickCare Wireless Smartphone Thermometer

Kinsa is releasing a new digital smartphone-connected thermometer, the Kinsa QuickCare. It’s modeled on the original Kinsa thermometer that uploaded its readings to a smartphone via the headphone jack. This was a cheap and easy solution that let the company keep the price of the device very low. But, Apple choosing to get rid of […]

Teva Releases First Breath Activated Asthma Inhaler in U.S.

Traditional corticosteroid inhalers for management of asthma symptoms require patients to squeeze and inhale in a coordinated maneuver. This is surprisingly difficult for many patients who end up receiving sub-optimal treatment. Teva Pharmaceutical, Israel’s big pharma firm, is now releasing in the RediHaler, the first breath-activated cortic (Read more...)

New and Improved Planmed Verity CBCT Scanner Unveiled

Planmed, based in Helsinki, Finland, is releasing an upgraded new version of its popular Planmed Verity CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) extremity scanner. The system is intended for ortho, as well as head and neck imaging, and even advanced dental applications. It is CE marked in Europe and is now available wherever the mark applies. [… (Read more...)

Embrace Seizure Detection System Cleared in U.S.

The Embrace seizure monitoring watch from Empatica, a company with offices in Cambridge, MA and Milan, Italy, won clearance from the FDA. The device is worn like a watch, continuously monitoring not only the wrist movements, but also electrodermal activity that signals stress, to detect signs of an oncoming or existing seizures. An artificial intel (Read more...)

Amiko Respiro Inhaler Tracking System Cleared in Europe

Amiko Digital Health, a company based in London, UK, landed CE Mark approval for its Respiro sensors and accompany platform to be used with Teva’s Spiromax , Chiesi’s Nexthaler and GlaxoSmithKline’s Ellipta inhalers. The Respiro system records usage of an inhaler every time it’s accessed, passing that information in rea (Read more...)

GE’s New Versana Essential Budget Friendly Ultrasound

GE Healthcare is unveiling a new budget conscious ultrasound system, the Versana Essential. GE touts it as having excellent image quality for the price and sees it being used by OB-GYNs, family and general practice physicians, and by clinicians in a number of other specialties. Using it you can view the thyroid vasculature, kidney vessels, [&hellip (Read more...)

Stethee, an AI Powered Electronic Stethoscope, Now Available

M3DICINE, a Brisbane, Australia firm, just launched an “AI enabled” electronic stethoscope called Stethee. The device, which we originally profiled a few years ago while it was still a Kickstarter project, can be used like a traditional stethoscope to auscultate patients, but to also amplify, filter, and record sounds, as well as to ana (Read more...)

Soft, Transparent, and Comfortable Contact Lens Measures Glucose, Intraocular Pressure

A team of researchers in South Korea has developed a soft electronic contact lens capable of measuring glucose and intraocular pressure, a development that may help diabetes and glaucoma patients monitor their conditions. There have been previous attempts by ambitious companies and universities to do so in the past, but the results were not very [& (Read more...)

High Tech Solution to Inhaler Compliance: Interview with Arik Anderson, CEO of Adherium

Patients taking inhaled medications, particularly those with asthma, have to comply with the prescribed regimen in order to achieve optimal results. As anyone in medical practice knows, medication compliance among patients can be remarkably low. Adherium, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand, has come up with technology to tackle this issue for (Read more...)