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A Shared Vision to Improve Clinical Trial Technology: Interview with Bracket’s Adam Butler on mProve Health Acquisition

Last month, Bracket, a clinical trial technology and specialty service provider, shared the announcement that it had acquired mProve Health, a mobile technology company whose offerings include an Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) platform. The news represented a compelling success story amidst recent pessimism regarding the digi (Read more...)

“OK Google!” Researched for Medical Conversations

Medical transcription is often seen as one of the more mundane tasks that need to be done in the doctor’s office. Yet, it’s vitally important for making sure that medical records are accurate, and that all of the physician’s observations, orders, and conversations with patients is properly documented. Google wanted to see if  (Read more...)

Virtual Reality System for Navigating Huge Brain Datasets

Researchers at the Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering and the University of Geneva have developed a virtual reality system for navigating through and manipulating huge volumes of brain-related data. Information obtained from brain studies can balloon into gigantic quantities that is difficult to visualize and analyze. The person piloting the (Read more...)

From Data Management to Leader in Healthcare Informatics: Interview with Information Builders’ Michael Corcoran

In an age in which data is generated at faster rates than ever before, the struggle to streamline and interpret the plethora of available information has been the core driver for many business analytics companies. The challenge is arguably more pressing in an environment as complex as a hospital, where data is constantly gathered at […]

Healthcare Analytics at the Information Builders Summit

Every summer the business analytics and data management company, Information Builders, holds a conference to bring together thousands of company employees, representatives from international conglomerates, and a variety of other attendees. With upwards of 140 presentations and technical workshops spanning three days, there is always something to le (Read more...)

AI Reads Brainwaves to Assess Preterm Brain Maturity

Researchers at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital have created the first AI that is capable of estimating the functional brain maturity of pre-term babies. The software interprets electroencephalography (EEG) measurements taken from preterm infants to make calculations about the brain’s functional maturity. Based on m (Read more...)

HxRefactored Panelist Interviews: Philips CMO Rob Smythe and Cleveland Clinic Director Dr. Julie Rish

During Day 1 of HxRefactored 2017, Medgadget had a chance to sit down with two panelists from the Improving the Clinician Experience panel session to learn more about their work. The interviewees were Rob Smythe, CMO of Health Informatics at Philips, and Julie Rish, PhD, Director of Patient Experience Best Practices at Cleveland Clinic. Mike B (Read more...)

Cloud Tech for Life Sciences Research: Interview with Kara Dennis, Managing Director of mHealth at Medidata Solutions

Medidata Solutions is a global provider of cloud-based technology and data analytics for clinical research. They work with a variety of life sciences clients who conduct studies to gather, store and analyze data to help assess the safety and efficacy of their products before bringing them to market. Amassing and securely storing the enormous amount (Read more...)

VoxelCloud Automated Medical Image Analysis: Interview with Xiaowei Ding, CEO of VoxelCloud

VoxelCloud, a startup based out of Los Angeles and with a presence in Suzhou and Shanghai, China, has developed a suite of artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies to assist doctors in interpreting medical images. The technology provides fully automated medical imaging analysis, and can be used with various imaging techniques, such (Read more...)

Augmented Reality System to Help Understand Medical Conditions and Assist in Patient Education

At the Birmingham City University in the United Kingdom researchers are working on an augmented reality system that would help clinicians manipulate and interact with patient imaging scans, related anatomical models, and data from electronic medical records. Many practical use cases for this technology is envisioned, including helping to relay (Read more...)

Using Watson to Diagnose Skin Cancer: Interview with IBM Computer Vision Scientist, Noel Codella

With an approximate 100,000 people in the US diagnosed with melanoma each year and a total of 5 million diagnosed with a variety of other skin cancers, a lot of research has gone into improving current methods of early detection and speeding up diagnoses. Unfortunately, in addition to a highly-trained pair of eyes and significant […]