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Injectable Bandage Stops Bleeding Wounds from Inside

At Texas A&M University researchers have developed a therapeutic hydrogel for injecting into bleeding wounds that can significantly speed up the hemostasis. The new injectable hydrogel material consists of nanosilicates, which are nanoparticles made from common minerals, and a thickening agent used in food preparation called kappa carrageenan. (Read more...)

Canon Releases Aplio i600 Ultrasound with Enhanced Ergonomics

Canon Medical is unveiling its recently FDA cleared Aplio i600 ultrasound system. It’s intended for both diagnostic and interventional procedures, featuring a bunch of tools that make setup quick and intuitive. An image-guide interface helps to move the clinician through the imaging exam. Canon touts the ergonomic design of the Aplio i600 tha (Read more...)

DeltaVen Closed System Peripheral IV Catheter Cleared in U.S.

Smiths Medical won FDA clearance and is releasing the DeltaVen Closed System Catheter, a product actually made by the Italian company Delta Med SpA. The peripheral IV catheter combines the needle, extension tubing, and an optional needlesless connector into one system. Clinicians can feel the insertion of the catheter into the vein during threading (Read more...)

Philips Unveils First Live Tele-Ultrasound System

Philips, in a partnership with Innovative Imaging Technologies, a company out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is releasing the first telemedicine system that transmits live ultrasound images during scans performed by a paramedic or nurse to a physician’s smartphone, tablet, or computer. Audio and video are shared as well, allowing physician (Read more...)

Samsung Unveils RS85A, a New Premium General Ultrasound

Samsung received FDA clearance and is unveiling its new RS85A general purpose premium ultrasound system. It features the company’s technologies such as MV-Flow, which lets clinicians see flow through micro vascularized structures and help diagnose cancer in many cases, and S-Shearwave Imaging (shown above), a shearwave elastography technique (Read more...)

New Canon Aplio i900 Cardiovascular Ultrasound Unveiled

At the American College of Cardiology 2018 annual meeting, Canon has unveiled the latest version of its Aplio i900 cardiovascular ultrasound system that can be used for advanced cases such as transcatheter implantation procedures. The system features a number of 4D capabilities such as 4D TEE transcatheter procedure guidance, as (Read more...)

Magnetic Nanoparticles to Stop Internal Bleeding

Researchers from ITMO University in St. Petersburg, Russia have developed magnetic nanoparticles to control internal bleeding, which can be localized at a bleeding site in the body using external magnetic fields. Internal bleeding is a medical emergency, and researchers are working to develop more effective therapies that are targeted at the bleedi (Read more...)

Thermal Cameras and Analytics for Patient Monitoring: Interview with Paul Baratta of Axis Communications

Axis Communications, a provider of network video technologies, offers a range of intelligent security solutions. While such technology is traditionally used for security purposes, the company also developed a range of thermal cameras that can be coupled with an analytics system to automatically detect incidents in healthcare facilities, such as pat (Read more...)

Philips Ingenia Elition 3T MRI Scanner Unveiled

Philips has unveiled a new 3 Tesla MRI scanner, the Ingenia Elition. The device was designed to help speed up all sorts of exams without sacrificing image quality, in certain cases doing so in half the time of competing devices. The system features the firm’s dStream digital broadband tech, as well as Compressed SENSE and 3D […]