Tag: Telemedicine

StethoMe At-Home Stethoscope for Detection of Respiratory Issues in Kids Cleared in Europe

StethoMe, a company headquartered in Poznań, Poland, just won the European CE mark for its eponymous digital stethoscope and accompanying software that analyzes recorded sounds for signs of respiratory problems. StethoMe is intended to be used by parents to check on their kids when there are signs of sickness. Instead of immediately bringing t (Read more...)

The Future of Medical Education Looks a lot like Netflix: Interview with Brian Conyer, CEO of GIBLIB

GIBLIB, named after Dr. John Heysham Gibbon, the revolutionary surgeon that invented the heart-lung machine, is an online streaming platform that provides medical professionals with access to high-fidelity, immersive 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video content of current medical topics and surgical procedures. The videos closely emulate the (Read more...)

OMRON Unveils Blood Pressure Monitor for Obese People

OMRON is unveiling a new automatic wrist blood pressure monitor specifically designed and validated for obese patients. The OMRON RS7 Intelli IT is planned to go on sale in Europe for €99 later this year. In order to guarantee accuracy of BP measurements, the new device has a special LED position sensor that helps to make sure [&hell (Read more...)