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DIY In-Home Environmental Assessments with yogi by Live Pure, Interview with CEO Greg Sancoff

While consumers have long been able to buy a variety of tests for in-home assessment of environmental contaminants, a new company, Live Pure, is seeking to simplify the effort required to perform these assessments with yogi, an all-in-one test kit. The new product is designed to deliver peace of mind to consumers concerned about their […]

Timestrip Vaccine Indicator Reminder Helps Parents in Poorly Developed Places Stay on Immunization Schedule

In developing nations that lack proper medical systems, kids’ vaccinations are often forgotten about and therefore missed, leading to the development of bigger problems down the road. In more developed nations, parents receive regular reminders via a variety of means and compliance remains quite high outside the community of skeptics. To help (Read more...)

Antibacterial Nanoscale Etching of Stainless Steel Surfaces

At Georgia Tech, researchers have developed a way of etching stainless steel surfaces so finely that bacteria that come in contact with them end up being pierced and killed. Interestingly, because of the physiological differences between cell types, mammalian cells don’t seem to be significantly impacted by these surfaces. The electrochemical (Read more...)

High-Tech Mobile Stroke Units Treat Patients Sooner

A stroke is one of the most time-critical medical emergencies. If not treated quickly, a patient can quickly deteriorate as brain cells die from a lack of oxygen. Doctors aim to begin treating stroke patients within an hour from the onset of symptoms, something that is often difficult to do when relying on conventional ambulances. […]

Kastus Glass and Ceramics Coating Kills Pathogens with Light

While checking out the dozens of medtech companies showing off their stuff at the recent Med in Ireland event in Dublin, we were intrigued to discover Kastus, the inventors of a pretty amazing surface coating technology. The company’s Log4+ coating is made of titanium dioxide co-doped with fluorine and copper, the combination of which results (Read more...)

EasyScan GO: AI Powered Malaria Parasite Counter

EasyScan GO, an AI powered microscope developed by Chinese manufacturer Motic, has the capability to automatically and accurately quantify malaria parasites in a blood sample. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, the microscope is so efficient that it can identify the amount of parasites present in under 20 minutes. Premiered at the International (Read more...)

From Data Management to Leader in Healthcare Informatics: Interview with Information Builders’ Michael Corcoran

In an age in which data is generated at faster rates than ever before, the struggle to streamline and interpret the plethora of available information has been the core driver for many business analytics companies. The challenge is arguably more pressing in an environment as complex as a hospital, where data is constantly gathered at […]

Healthcare Analytics at the Information Builders Summit

Every summer the business analytics and data management company, Information Builders, holds a conference to bring together thousands of company employees, representatives from international conglomerates, and a variety of other attendees. With upwards of 140 presentations and technical workshops spanning three days, there is always something to le (Read more...)