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Spying on Your Social Media and Searches to Fight STDs

Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied whether certain search terms that are used on Google and topics covered on Twitter can point to a outbreak of a contagious disease. They focused on syphilis and found that by monitoring the incidence of certain terms, such as “STD&rdquo (Read more...)

Anti-Microbial Nanotechnology: Interview with Adrian Fellows, Head of R&D at AGA Nanotech

AGA Nanotech, a medtech company based in the UK, has developed nanotechnologies aimed at overcoming antimicrobial resistance, with a view to offering an alternative to conventional antibiotics. The company has collaborated with researchers from University College London to create poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticles that can deliver h (Read more...)

Sugar-Coated Nanosheets Can Selectively Bind Pathogens

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed sugar-coated ultrathin self-assembling nanosheets that can selectively bind to pathogens, and which have potential to serve as a diagnostic technology or a way to inactivate pathogens. The researchers developed the structures using bioinspired (Read more...)

Scal-Pal Makes Replacing Scalpel Blades a Snap

Scalpel blades are typically changed by exposing them from a package and handling them directly. Students at Georgia Tech have designed a simple device to make scalpel blade exchanges easier and safer. It works similar to automatic shaving blade dispensers, but applied to scalpel blades. To use the Scal pal, as the device is called, […]

Low-Cost 3D-Printed Stethoscope for Low-Resource Areas

Scientists at the University of Western Ontario, aka Western University, have developed a 3D-printed stethoscope. The device costs just $3 to produce and takes less than three hours to print, but maintains the acoustic quality of more expensive stethoscopes. The researchers hope that the device could be useful in low-resource settings, where medica (Read more...)

Drone Lifelines: Interview with Zipline’s Keenan Wyrobek

Keenan Wyrobek is the co-founder of Zipline, a California company designing, building, and deploying drones that deliver life-saving medical supplies and blood to the most remote and difficult to access places on Earth. He has a background in helping develop several tech products and patents in robotics, and is now leading product and engineer (Read more...)

Device Measures Stiffness of Tens of Thousands of Cells to Screen Drugs for Safety (Video)

Force cytometry, or measurement of strength of cells, can be a useful indicator for assessing how specific drugs affect cell function. Rapidly performing thousands of force cytometry tests can help speed up drug testing, particularly for compounds intended to treat blood pressure, stroke, muscular dystrophy, and asthma. Scientists at UCLA and Rutge (Read more...)

Amiko Respiro Inhaler Tracking System Cleared in Europe

Amiko Digital Health, a company based in London, UK, landed CE Mark approval for its Respiro sensors and accompany platform to be used with Teva’s Spiromax , Chiesi’s Nexthaler and GlaxoSmithKline’s Ellipta inhalers. The Respiro system records usage of an inhaler every time it’s accessed, passing that information in rea (Read more...)

DIY In-Home Environmental Assessments with yogi by Live Pure, Interview with CEO Greg Sancoff

While consumers have long been able to buy a variety of tests for in-home assessment of environmental contaminants, a new company, Live Pure, is seeking to simplify the effort required to perform these assessments with yogi, an all-in-one test kit. The new product is designed to deliver peace of mind to consumers concerned about their […]

Timestrip Vaccine Indicator Reminder Helps Parents in Poorly Developed Places Stay on Immunization Schedule

In developing nations that lack proper medical systems, kids’ vaccinations are often forgotten about and therefore missed, leading to the development of bigger problems down the road. In more developed nations, parents receive regular reminders via a variety of means and compliance remains quite high outside the community of skeptics. To help (Read more...)