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Immunexpress Saving Lives with Improved Sepsis Diagnosis: Interview with Rolland Carlson PhD, CEO

Sepsis is the overwhelming response of the body’s immune system to infection, leading to life-threatening tissue and organ damage. The condition is poorly understood, hard to diagnose, and currently kills 30-50% of those with a confirmed diagnosis in the developed world and 60-80% of those diagnosed in developing countries. Sepsis is estimate (Read more...)

ivWatch Vein Puncture Monitor Cleared in Europe

ivWatch just announced winning the European CE Mark for its ivWatch Model 400 device, the only continuous monitor for timely detection of intravenous (IV) infiltrations and extravasations. IV delivered medication and fluids can accidentally leak outside of the vein into surrounding tissue, creating serious complications for patients. The devic (Read more...)

Shift Labs Announces Partnership with Option Care Enterprises for National Use of DripAssist

DripAssist by Shift Labs is an infusion rate monitor that offers a significant improvement in portability, efficiency, durability and ease of use over traditional infusion monitors. The last time Medgadget reported on Shift Labs, the company had just received their CE mark for DripAssist. The device is also FDA approved. Now, Shift Labs is ann (Read more...)