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New Exhaled Breath Sensor to Spot Diseases, Monitor Health

At KAIST, the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, researchers have developed a new breath sensor that uses protein-encapsulated nanocatalysts to spot certain biomarkers of diseases. While the breath can hold a lot of information about what’s going on inside the body, the variety of gasses present and the la (Read more...)

New Imaging Technique Provides Molecular Orientation in Samples to Help Study Neuro Diseases

A team of French scientists has developed a high speed imaging technique that provides them an unprecedented view of the chemical nature of biological samples. Not only does it provide an analysis of the chemical content, it also provides information about the orientation of the molecules detected. The newly available perspective of the molecular d (Read more...)

Sepsis-Detecting Point-of-Care Microfluidic Chip Developed

Sepsis is common and often deadly. Early detection of sepsis can be incredibly useful in preventing its full onset by allowing in-time administration of antibiotics. A couple of biomarkers of oncoming sepsis is leukocyte count and neutrophil 64 (CD64), a neutrophil surface antigen. Researchers at the University of Illinois have now reported in jour (Read more...)

Fluorescing Bandage Senses Wound’s Healing Process

Bandages used to treat chronic wounds present a host of challenges, particularly when they’re removed to examine and clean a wound. While this is necessary, the process can be very painful for the patient, difficult on the clinician, and the wound may become infected due to being exposed. A team of researchers from Swiss Federal Laborato (Read more...)

Videssa Breast Blood Diagnostic Test for Breast Cancer

Provista Diagnostics, a company based in New York City, has developed the Videssa Breast blood-based proteomic test to detect breast cancer. At present, after an abnormal mammogram doctors are faced with a difficult decision: whether to carry out an invasive biopsy or not. “When a mammogram yields an abnormal result, the challenge for ev (Read more...)

New Smart Sensor for Measuring Glucose from Skin

The sweat excreted by our skin contains small amounts of glucose that correlate with the concentration of glucose in the blood. Various technical challenges, such as small sample volume, temperature differences, and movement of the skin, have prevented sweat-based glucometry beyond the research lab. Scientists at the Institute for Basic Scienc (Read more...)

Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale Review

Koogeek sent us another device from its line of IoT products to review. The Koogeek S1 Smart Health Scale comes as one of the lower-costing digital connected scales on the market. It takes eight measurements: weight, body mass index (BMI), fat mass, lean mass, total body water, bone mass, visceral fat, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). It [ (Read more...)