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Microfluidic Mixer Combines Fluids without Backflow to Make Advanced Portable Diagnostics Practical

Lab on a chip devices are designed to perform advanced diagnostics and drug testing using small samples of blood and other body fluids. We’ve written about many such devices, including for assessing the effectiveness of chemo and for picking out circulating tumor cells, but microfluidic technologies that rely on capillary or vacuum powered te (Read more...)

Soft, Transparent, and Comfortable Contact Lens Measures Glucose, Intraocular Pressure

A team of researchers in South Korea has developed a soft electronic contact lens capable of measuring glucose and intraocular pressure, a development that may help diabetes and glaucoma patients monitor their conditions. There have been previous attempts by ambitious companies and universities to do so in the past, but the results were not very [& (Read more...)

Biomeme’s Portable PCR System Expands Research Possibilities

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one of the most widely used techniques in biological research and testing, allowing researchers to amplify and identify even small quantities of DNA or RNA. It serves a wide variety of uses, from genetic testing to infectious disease identification to forensics. Thermal cyclers, the machines that run PCR, are a [& (Read more...)

3D-Printed Living Bioink Can Form “Living Tattoos”

Researchers at MIT have developed a living bioink for 3D printing that consists of genetically-modified bacteria and a synthetic hydrogel. The material can be printed in a variety of shapes, including as patches or “tattoos” for the skin, and can sense different chemicals, along with changes in pH and temperature. The researchers hope t (Read more...)

High Speed Video Precisely Captures Blood Cell Velocity

Researchers at ITMO University in Saint Petersburg, Russia, have developed a non-invasive high-speed video capillaroscopy system that can precisely measure the velocity of blood cells flowing through capillaries in the skin around a fingernail. The technique could be useful in assessing cardiovascular conditions. Capillaroscopy systems offer a simp (Read more...)

Researchers Break Fundamental Barrier of Photoacoustic Imaging: Can View Capillaries at Super Resolution

Photoacoustic imaging is a way to look beneath the surface of a biological sample at high resolution. A laser is used to excite tissue, expanding it slightly and generating vibrations within it, which results in sound waves. It images better than ultrasound and at depths greater than optical techniques, revealing some pretty small objects (Read more...)