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Smart Contact Lenses Measure Glucose, Deliver Drugs

Researchers at the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) report development of smart contact lenses for simultaneous glucose measurement and controlled drug delivery. The research, led by Professor Sei Kwang Han, found the contact lenses resulted in low irritation in rabbits, were able to reliably detect glucose levels in tears, and (Read more...)

JINS SCREEN Lenses Now Free During At-Home Season

All kinds of organizations, institutions, and companies are trying their best to help alleviate stresses created by the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. Companies are giving away free data, and at-home eye tests, and insurance companies are lowering their rates temporarily, and others are offering their services free of charge. Our friends at JINS, a Jap (Read more...)

Accurate Eye-Tracking and AI to Detect Neurological Diseases: Interview with Co-Founders of C. Light

Being diagnosed with any number of neurological diseases can be scary, not only due to the progressive nature of many of these conditions, but also because they often cannot be detected until their later stages of progression. Following the failure of a variety of potential therapies for Alzheimer’s within clinical trials in the past few [&he (Read more...)

Contact Lenses to Correct Color Blindness

Deuteranomaly is a color blindness that causes green light photoreceptors to react to redder light. Red objects seem greener for patients with the condition, but it has been known for a while that blocking some of the light in the red color range can improve proper color perception. There are glasses that do this, a […]