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Handheld Eye Scanner to Detect Autism Spectrum Disorder

Researchers at Flinders University in Australia have developed a handheld eye scanner that could help to identify children with autism spectrum disorder. The device allows clinicians to obtain light-adapted electroretinograms, which involves detecting electrical signals in the retina. The device could help in diagnosing children with autism much ea (Read more...)

CES 2020: EyeQue At-Home Eye Exams

At CES in Las Vegas we ran into a rep of EyeQue, a company that is revolutionizing how eye exams are conducted. Currently, most people visit a specialist, but with EyeQue’s products one can perform the exam at home on themselves and others. Here’s a rep on the floor of CES showing off all of […]

MiSight Contacts FDA Cleared to Slow Myopia in Kids

Myopia is a very common condition in children, often progressing rapidly and triggering earlier onset of other eye conditions, such as cataracts and detached retina. Cooper Vision, a company out of Lake Forest, California, just won FDA clearance for the first contact lens that can actually slow down the progression of childhood myopia. Myopia is [& (Read more...)