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SensOR Medical Allows Surgeons to Feel Again

It’s no secret: minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) are on the rise. The tools used during these advanced scope-based procedures provide little tactile feedback that surgeons used to experience in open surgeries. Working at a distance means it is hard to gauge the force being applied to tissues. The founders at SensOR Medical Laboratories, a m (Read more...)

LivaNova Releases PureFlex Arterial Cannulae in Europe

LivaNova won the European CE Mark of approval and is launching its new PureFlex arterial cannulae for connecting a patient to an extracorporeal support pump. They’re transparent, save for the metal spring that keeps them from kinking. They come in different lengths and sizes, but all interface via standard 3/8″ tips. The tips are availa (Read more...)

New Replacement Heart Valve Grows as Child Gets Older

Children born with congenital heart valve defects number in the thousands each year, yet there are simply no artificial cardiac valves available that were designed specifically for babies. Multiple heart surgeries have to be performed as the child outgrows successive implants. In addition, since the devices were never intended for children, they of (Read more...)

Surgical Sealants and Beyond: Interview with Christophe Bancel, CEO and Co-Founder of Gecko Biomedical

Medgadget recently reported that Gecko Biomedical, a biomedical start-up based in Paris, France received CE mark approval for their SETALUM Surgical sealant. The bioinspired polymer sealant is cured on-demand using light and can supplement conventional sutures during vascular surgery. The material is biodegradable, bioresorbable, and biocompatible, (Read more...)

Ultrasound Imaging Needle Set to Transform Heart Surgery

Researchers in London have published details of a revolutionary new cardiology needle capable of imaging the heart’s soft tissues from within. The team from University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) used the new all-optical ultrasound imaging system for heart surgery in pigs, successfully capturing high-resolu (Read more...)

InterAtrial Shunt Device from Corvia Medical Shows Promising Results in Diastolic Heart Failure

At the recent American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, researchers have announced positive results in a clinical study of the InterAtrial Shunt Device (IASD) from Corvia Medical, which allows blood to travel between the atria of the heart, to safely alleviate the symptoms of diastolic heart failure. Much of the work has been carried out at [ (Read more...)

microMend, a Novel and Time-Saving Wound Closure Device

Sutures and staples are the usual options for closing wounds postoperatively, but they can be painful and require surgical skills. The microMend Skin Closure Device, produced by Seattle-based KitoTech Medical, provides a potentially better alternative. The design of the microMend is conceptually similar to a bandage, like Steri-Strip. The device is (Read more...)

Cheap, Easy to Integrate Technology Converts Any 2D Ultrasound Machine into 3D Scanner

Portable ultrasound technology is improving and becoming more affordable, allowing it to be used in places previously impossible due to size and cost. Full size ultrasound imagers can do some impressive stuff, such as creating 3D reconstructions obtained from 2D probes. Now researchers at Duke University are introducing incredibly cheap and easy to (Read more...)