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3D Brain Organoids Model Rare Neural Disease

Direct studies on the brain are inherently difficult, as it’s a complex and fragile organ hidden behind a thick skull. Animal studies can help, but animal brains are different from human ones. In order to better study how the brain works and its pathophysiology, researchers have been working on growing tiny replicas of specific parts [&hellip (Read more...)

Sonavex EchoSure Vascular Blood Flow Monitor Cleared in U.S.

Following peripheral vascular and microvascular surgeries, it is important to be able to monitor how blood is flowing through the treated vessels and whether there may be an occlusion or compromise. This monitoring typically requires a nurse or a trained sonographer to use Doppler ultrasound, but now a new option is available. Sonavex, a company [& (Read more...)

Withings Releases Breathing Disturbance Sleep Monitor

Withings, the famous French maker of stylish activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and other personal healthcare and fitness devices, is releasing a breathing disturbance monitor. Built into its Sleep tracking mat, the technology can detect many of the instances when a person’s breathing is interrupted. These events can be signs of sleep a (Read more...)

Omeo Evolution 1 Wheelchair for Off-Road Adventures

Conventional wheelchairs can only go where the ground is relatively smooth and flat, which means nature is mostly out of bounds to those that can’t walk. A new wheelchair developed by Omeo Technology, a company out of New Zealand, allows people to go off-road and visit new places. The Omeo Evolution 1 has only two […]

Diagnosing Esophageal Cancer More Accurately: Interview with Mark Rutenberg, CEO of CDx Diagnostics

Cancer of the esophagus is often related to chronic heartburn, something patients too often end up ignoring. The onset of the potentially deadly disease can be detected, though, given good enough imaging and regular screenings. The imaging component, that we’re particularly interested in, relies on physicians to take biopsies of random bits o (Read more...)