Dr. Abhay Vasavada’s Experience as a Cataract Surgeon in India

In a conversation with Dr. Parag Majmudar, Dr. Abhay Vasavada shares what he learned at the 2008 ASCRS meeting. Pediatric: congentical cataract and microophthalmos management. Small incision coaxial phacoemulsification: <2.0mm is threat to incision integrity, risk of induced astigmatism and endopthalmitis. Dr. Vasavada currently favors micro-coaxial vs. bimanual phacoemulsification. He supports the use of intra-cameral antibiotics, stresses the importance of proper draping procedure with povidone. He is using Vigamox now, but had used vancomycin in the past. In thousands of surgeries, he hasn't had an endophthalmitis case. The nature of (Read more...)

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