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Blue-Blocking IOL’s- A Bad Idea?

In an editorial in Ophthalmology, the authors are very critical of the lack of scientific evidence that blue-blocking IOL’s are of any value in reducing the progression of macular degeneration. They agree with the CMS that the relationship between blue light and AMD is speculative and not evidence-based. The authors make a compelling point. I […]

Can Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia be Treated With Inteferon?

The December 2010 issue of Ophthalmology reports on a retrospective study of 14 patients finding that subconjunctival recombinant interferon alpha 2b (IFN?2b) may be a viable medical alternative for the treatment of ocular surface squamous neoplasia. But future studies will be required to determine the ideal treatment regimen. Click here to access the study abstract and […]

Eyecare Tips for PC Users

In our technology-driven economy, many individuals spend a high percentage of their day staring at a PC screen, laptop, or other monitor. This can put a real strain on eyes, and potentially cause problems such as headaches and blurry vision,…

New Laser System From OpticaMedica Uses Femto-Second Laser and Optical Coherence Tomography to Perform More Precise Cataract Surgery

OptiMedica Corp. last week announced the results of a clinical study of its Catalys Precision Laser System showing that, when compared to manual techniques, the Catalys Precision Laser System helped surgeons achieve significant improvement in precision during several critical steps of cataract surgery. Catalys is designed to perform four incisions: capsulotomy (a circular incision in […]