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Retinal Implant Brings Vision to Blind

Last week, Retina Implant, AG, a German developer of subretinal implants for the visually impaired, announced the publication of a peer-reviewed study the technical and clinical results obtained during their first human clinical trial. In the trial, a light-sensitive, externally powered microchip was surgically implanted subretinally near the macular region of volunteers blind from hereditary […]

Endocycloplasty for Iris Plateau

Iris plateau syndrome is rare and can be hard to manage. The theory is that it’s secondary to anterior rotation of the ciliary body, which is why iridoplasty and iridectomy often don’t fix the problem. Using high definition ultrasound of the anterior segment, researchers showed resolution of this condition by shrinking the the ciliary processes […]

Retinal Disease Highlights From the 2010 AAO Meeting

By Dr. Randall WongMany of us just returned from the largest ophthalmic “trade show” in the world.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology convened in Chicago last week.  This meeting was combined with the Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology (MEACO).  Perhaps 40 K attended the meeting.
I also attended the 2 day retinal subspecialty meeting which […]

Does Coffee Retard Development of Cataracts?

By Dr. Ari WeitznerIn Molecular Vision journal, cataract development in rats was retarded in those who were administered caffeine, presumably by the anti-oxidants bioflavanoids. But I am sure a year from now, the opposite will be found to be true- there is so much conflicting evidence about coffee.  And I’m sure one will have to […]