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Tetris Therapy Against Amblyopia


A new therapeutic approach for lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, uses good old Tetris to train the eyes to work together. This innovative approach to a common eye disorder is a result of research done by Dr. Robert Hess from McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada. And yes, you have read correctly: they use a video game to treat an eye (Read more...)

New Optical Tools for Imaging The Eyes: Medgadget Exclusive with Ramesh Raskar and Everett Lawson


TEDMED was not only an exciting event full of talks rich in practicality, inspiration, and information, but an opportunity to talk with the speakers and delegates in a comfortable setting about what they’re up to. Following their on-stage presentation, we sat down (in a darkly lit room) with Ramesh Raskar and PhD student Everett Lawson (Read more...)

OptosOCT SLO Combines Microperimetry with OCT, Cleared by FDA


Optos plc (Dunfermline, Scotland) won 510(k) clearance from the FDA for the microperimetry functions on its OptosOCT SLO system. Microperimetry is a technique that analyzes retina’s sensitivity to light and the system superimposes that over OCT (optical coherence tomography) imaging to provide a map of the correlation between physical struct (Read more...)

Holography Stimulates Optogenetically Photosensitized Retinal Nerve Cells to Restore Vision


Newly developed light sensitive proteins, genetically introduced into retinal nerve cells, may lead to the ability to restore vision in the blind. One challenge in developing a real-world system is that these protein activated neurons require a high energy light source for them to send electrical signals to the brain. Moreover, this light source n (Read more...)