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Yeast Powered Radiation Detectors to Keep Clinicians Safe

Radiation dosimeters are commonly used by clinicians working around CT scanners, fluoroscopes, radiotherapy systems, and other equipment. Typically, after wearing one for a month or so, the detector is sent to the manufacturer and the results come about a week or two later, though real-time smart counters are coming out. All these counters are also (Read more...)

Automation of Patch Clamp Technique to Speed Brain Studies

The patch clamp technique, for which the 1991 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded, is widely used to study the electrical activity of individual cells. It is particularly useful in neuroscience because electricity is the language through which neurons communicate. But it is slow and tedious since it requires a trained specialist to [& (Read more...)

Healthcare Blockchain Startup Coral Health Announces Health Records App and Upcoming Token Sale (Interview)

Earlier this year Medgadget spoke with Coral Health about the company’s vision to create a more connected future in healthcare by leveraging blockchain technology. At the time, Coral Health COO Philip Parker commented that, “While EHRs have made record sharing possible, sharing has remained laborious and it wasn’t until the F (Read more...)

Surgical VR Firm Osso VR Launches Collaborative Training Tool: Exclusive With CEO Dr. Justin Barad

Osso VR, a leading virtual reality (VR) surgical training technology company, has recently announced the launch of its collaborative training feature that allows multiple surgeons to train together in a single immersive VR space. The option to train collaboratively offers improved learning opportunities for surgeons and the surgical teams regardles (Read more...)