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Genetically Engineered Tattoo Shows Up if Person Has Cancer

As everyone knows, early diagnosis brings the best chance of fighting cancer. At ETH Zurich, a Swiss technical university, researchers genetically modified skin cells to produce a tattoo that makes itself visible only when the person wearing it has signs of cancer. The technology consists of a “synthetic gene network” that activates the (Read more...)

Music Improves Function of Blood Pressure Medication

Scientists working at São Paulo State University, Juazeiro do Norte College, ABC Medical School in Brazil and Oxford Brookes University in the UK have shown that music improves the performance of anti-hypertensive medications. The study, published in Nature Scientific Reports, involved 37 patients with high blood pressure that normally (Read more...)

GE Unveils Factory-in-a-Box for Virus-Based Therapies

The production of emerging virus-based gene therapies, cell therapies, vaccines, and cancer treatments requires new types of facilities for manufacturers to build. GE Healthcare promises to help make it easy by unveiling their KUBio “factory-in-a-box” offering. The company in particular hopes to fill a need for facilities that can (Read more...)

Spying on Your Social Media and Searches to Fight STDs

Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied whether certain search terms that are used on Google and topics covered on Twitter can point to a outbreak of a contagious disease. They focused on syphilis and found that by monitoring the incidence of certain terms, such as “STD&rdquo (Read more...)

4Dx Uses Algorithms to Better Visualize Lung Function

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects millions of people in the United States. The main method of diagnosis is the pulmonary function tests (PFTs), in which a patient breathes into a machine that measures pulmonary parameters. The disadvantage, however, is that pulmonary function tests take an “average” of a patient’s lung (Read more...)

J&J Cleared for World’s First Transition Contacts

Johnson & Johnson Vision received FDA clearance for the first contact lens that gets darker in response to bright light. This kind of technology has existed for decades in glasses, called transition lenses, but the Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology are the first contacts to do so. The soft contact le (Read more...)

Digital Voice Assistants Changing Lives of Blind People

Many of the technologies that have changed the lives of healthy consumers over the past couple of decades have done little to improve the lives of those with disabilities. Yet, a number of developments, such as smartphones and GPS devices, have truly helped out those who are blind, for example. A new article in The […]