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Wearable, Non-Invasive Sensor Measures Glucose in Sweat

Scientists at Penn State University developed a wearable glucose monitor that can non-invasively measure glucose levels within sweat in real time. The low-cost sensor consists of laser-induced graphene and a nickel-gold alloy that can detect the very low levels of glucose in sweat without the use of enzymes. The sensor contains a microfluidic chamb (Read more...)

De nouvelles données sur quatre ans indiquent une réduction durable des rechutes grâce à l’Enspryng de Chugai chez des patients atteints du trouble du spectre de la neuromyélite optique (NMOSD)

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO : 4519) a annoncé de nouvelles données d’efficacité et de sécurité d’emploi à long terme concernant Enspryng® [nom générique : satralizumab (recombinaison génétique)], anticorps monoclonal …

Resumen: Nuevos datos correspondientes a cuatro años muestran una reducción sostenida de las recaídas gracias a Enspryng de Chugai en personas con trastorno del espectro de la neuromielitis óptica

TOKIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) ha anunciado nuevos datos de eficacia y seguridad a largo plazo de Enspryng® [nombre genérico: satralizumab (recombinación genética)], un anticuerpo monoclonal humanizado contra el r…

Improving Medication Compliance with Connected Pill Bottles and More: Interview with Chris O’Brien, CEO at AdhereTech

AdhereTech, a medtech company based in New York City, has developed the Aidia Smart Bottle (previously known as the Smart Pill Bottle), a connected pill bottle that helps to increase medication compliance using lights, audio alerts, and text message reminders. The bottle will remind patients to take their medication and remind them if they have [&h (Read more...)

Exoskeleton Helps Above-Knee Amputees to Walk

Researchers at the University of Utah built an exoskeleton that can ease walking for people with above-knee amputations. The new system, which uses an electromechanical actuator attached to the thigh and AI to adapt to each person’s walking style, significantly reduces energy consumption for users. Above-knee amputations are particularly chal (Read more...)

Riassunto: Nuovi dati quadriennali mostrano una riduzione sostenuta delle recidive nei trattamenti con Enspryng di Chugai delle persone affette da disturbo dello spettro della neuromielite ottica (NMOSD)

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 4519) ha reso noti nuovi dati riguardanti la sicurezza e l’efficacia a lungo termine di Enspryng® [nome generico: satralizumab (ricombinazione genetica)], un anticorpo monoclonale umanizza…

Telemedicine to Monitor At-Risk COVID-19 Patients at Home

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich in Germany have developed a telemedicine system for high-risk COVID-19 patients who are isolating at home. The system consists of an ear sensor that monitors a variety of physiological parameters, including heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, and body temperature. The project also involves c (Read more...)

Contact Lenses Markets, 2026 by Modality (Reusable, v/s Disposable), Design (Spherical, Toric, Multifocal & Others), Material Type (Silicon Hydrogel, Hydrogel, Others) –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Contact Lenses Market, By Modality (Reusable, v/s Disposable), By Design (Spherical, Toric, Multifocal & Others), By Material Type (Silicon Hydrogel, Hydrogel, Others), By Application, By Distribution Channel, B…