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Red Blood Cells Made Into Drug Delivery Devices

Many of the existing diseases that strike us are poorly treated not because effective drugs don’t exist, but because there’s no reliable way of delivering the drugs to their intended destinations. Anyone following this publication will be familiar with the dozens of types of synthetic vessel that scientists have created to ferry drugs t (Read more...)

Immervision宣布與鏡頭製造商ACE Solutech Co., Ltd.(韓國)和中藍電子(中國)達成新的授權合約

蒙特婁–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(美國商業資訊)–總部位於蒙特婁的廣角光學和成像專利技術的開發商和授權人Immervision宣布,該公司就生產和銷售適用於消費者和行動應用程式的具有增強解析度的專利全景廣角鏡頭達成了兩項新的授權合約。 新的正式被授權人從現在起可量產具有增強解析度的全景鏡頭。ACE將生產180度視野(FoV)的鏡頭,而中藍電子(ZET)則將提供125度FoV鏡頭。隨著獲得Immervision授權的製造商數量不斷增加,Immervision技術可以覆蓋更多需要獲得尖端廣…

Immervision宣布与镜头制造商ACE Solutech Co., Ltd.(韩国)和中蓝电子(中国)达成新的许可协议

蒙特利尔–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(美国商业资讯)–总部位于蒙特利尔的广角光学和成像专利技术的开发商和许可方Immervision宣布,该公司就生产和销售适用于消费者和移动应用的具有增强分辨率的专利全景广角镜头达成了两项新的许可协议。 新的正式被许可人从现在起可批量生产具有增强分辨率的全景镜头。ACE将生产180度视野(FoV)的镜头,而中蓝电子(ZET)则将提供125度FoV镜头。随着获得Immervision许可的制造商数量不断增加,Immervision技术可以覆盖更多需要获得尖…

Immervisionがレンズ・メーカーの韓国ACE Solutech Co., Ltd.および中国Zhonglan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd(ZET)と新たなライセンス契約

モントリオール–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(ビジネスワイヤ) — モントリオールを拠点に特許取得済み広角光学・イメージング技術を開発・ライセンスするImmervisionは、特許取得済みパノモーフ広角レンズの生産および販売に関する新たなライセンス契約を2件発表します。このレンズは解像度を強化しており、消費者向けアプリケーションとモバイル・アプリケーションに適しています。 新しい正式なライセンシーは、解像度を強化したパノモーフレンズを大量生産できるようになります。ACEは180°視野角(F…

PENTAX Releases IMAGINA LED Powered Endoscopy System

PENTAX is releasing its IMAGINA Endoscopy System in the U.S., having just received FDA clearance for the GI imaging platform. The endoscope sports two powerful and long lasting LEDs at the tip that do not require regular replacement, unlike traditional bulbs that can be costly to regularly swap for new ones. Given enough procedures, a […]

CES 2020: HeartHero, an Affordable At-Home AED

Automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) are common these days in airports, stadiums, and other places where there are very many people around. They are still expensive devices, and so are not as widely available as they should be. People who are susceptible to suffering from dangerous cardiac arrhythmias but that don’t have appropriate impla (Read more...)

Prevalence of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder in 27 Major Markets 2019-2029: Cause, Risk Factors, Prevention, Diagnosis & Prognosis –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Prevalence of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder in 27 Major Markets 2019-2029” report has been added to’s offering. Neuromyelitis Optica, also referred to as Devic’s disease is a chronic conditi…

FlexIt Makes Gyms Easily Accessible to Anyone

Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to prevent a wide variety of health problems, but not everyone is willing to sign up for a gym membership. The way that most gyms are currently operated is that you either sign up for a membership for a year or two, or you simply don’t […]