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Point-of-Care HIV Diagnostics for Low Resource Regions: Interview with Jesse Lehga, VP at Diagnostics for the Real World

DRW (Diagnostics for the Real World), a company with headquarters in San Jose, California, and Cambridge, United Kingdom, has developed the SAMBA II, a point-of-care diagnostic device for the detection of infectious diseases, including HIV and HCV, for use in low-resource and/or remote regions. The system employs nucleic acid amplification to detec (Read more...)

FUJIFILM’s AI Colonic Polyp Detector Cleared in Europe

FUJIFILM is introducing a new technology that is capable of automatically detecting suspected polyps in real-time during colonoscopy exams. Called CAD EYE, the technology consists of hardware and software components that are compatible with the company’s ELUXEO 7000 endoscopy system. CAD EYE relies on FUJIFILM’s REiLI, an AI platform de (Read more...)

Adjustable Heart Valves Grow with Kids Hearts

A variety of congenital cardiac abnormalities require the placement of prosthetic heart valves in very young children. As the hearts grow, the valves have to be replaced through repeated surgeries. A team of researchers from Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital have now developed an artificial valve that can be expanded, via a minimally inv (Read more...)

Hybrid Infrared-Optical Microscope for Pathology Studies

When imaging tissues microscopically, pathology labs have to stain the samples to see the cellular shapes and structures within. This is not trivial and requires expertise, time, and related costs. Infrared light has the capability to help visualize biomedical samples without staining, but the wavelengths of such light make it incompatible with opt (Read more...)

Stretchy Coils to Make MRI Imaging Easier on Patients

When undergoing MRI scanning, many patients have to have the body parts being imaged strapped into rigid radio-frequency (RF) coils. These can be uncomfortable, as they’re not custom-sized for every patient, and since many MRI exams can take a half hour or more to perform, the scanning process can be difficult for many to undergo. […]

Wearable Magnetic Stimulator for Stroke Recovery

Stroke can result in a variety of debilitating conditions caused by damaged neural connections within the brain. Researchers at the Eddy Scurlock Stroke Center at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas have now successfully tested a wearable, multifocal, transcranial, rotating, permanent magnet stimulator (TRPMS) to boost neural activity near injured (Read more...)

Abbott’s Gallant Cardiac Implants Cleared in Europe

Abbott won clearance in the European Union for its new Gallant implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) implants. The MRI compatible devices, which Abbott claims have an extended battery lifetime, can securely communicate with patients and physicians via Abbott’s myMerlinPulse sm (Read more...)