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AI Platform for Cognitive Performance Training

Researchers from the National University of Singapore have utilized an AI platform, dubbed CURATE.AI, to help advance cognitive performance on challenging mental tasks. The system works by identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and curating mental exercises to help them progress most rapidly. The work could have significant imp (Read more...)

Military-Specific Augmented Reality Patient Simulation: Interview with Dr. Kevin King, CEO of MedCognition

MedCognition, a Texas-based startup, has been awarded a contract to develop military-specific augmented reality patient simulations for the US army, in conjunction with Chenega Healthcare Services. The technology is based on an existing patient simulator, the PerSim system, which uses Microsoft HoloLens Mixed reality to project simulations of patie (Read more...)

Low Stress Medical Education May Improve Outcomes

The word “surgery” generally means opening a person’s body to fix something inside. To medical students and residents, though, “surgery” conjures up a highly challenging and competitive bootcamp for overachievers. Considering the stakes, one may think that all the stress that a surgical resident goes through would be w (Read more...)

The Future of Medical Education Looks a lot like Netflix: Interview with Brian Conyer, CEO of GIBLIB

GIBLIB, named after Dr. John Heysham Gibbon, the revolutionary surgeon that invented the heart-lung machine, is an online streaming platform that provides medical professionals with access to high-fidelity, immersive 360-degree virtual reality (VR) video content of current medical topics and surgical procedures. The videos closely emulate the (Read more...)

New Book and Augmented Reality App Series for Medical Studies

Elsevier Health is releasing a new medical student study guide that combines printed book with an augmented reality app. The Gunner Goggles Series is meant to dramatically increase the value of printed text by providing contextual links to online information, videos, and other materials that can help to delve deeper into various topics. There are [ (Read more...)