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Leica Wins FDA Clearance for Novel Neurosurgical Microscopy Filter for Detailed View of Blood Flow

Leica Microsystems has announced that it won FDA clearance for its FL560 fluorescence microscope filter to be used with the dye fluorescein to view cerebrovascular blood flow. The filter works with the M530 OH6 neurosurgical microscope, and after injection of fluorescein the surgical team can see blood fluorescing in greenish/yellow while the rest (Read more...)

ClaroNav’s NaviENT FDA Cleared to Guide Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Skull Base Surgery

ClaroNav, a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, won FDA clearance for its NaviENT system that gives otolaryngologists information about the location of the tip of an instrument introduced during functional endoscopic sinus and skull base surgeries. During such surgeries, which are performed through the nose, the NaviENT shows the instrument t (Read more...)

GlideScope Go, a New Portable Video Laryngoscope

Verathon, a company that’s part of Roper Technologies, has released a new portable video laryngoscope, the GlideScope Go. It can be taken to sporting events, disaster zones, or used inside the hospital for routine and “emergent” procedures wherever intubation and/or imaging of the airway is required. GlideScope is already a w (Read more...)

New Optical Tool to Spot Nerves During Surgery

A team of medical researchers has come up with a way to optically spot nerves within tissue, which should prevent nerve injuries that can happen during surgeries of the hand and other sensitive and delicate parts of the body. The technology uses something called collimated polarized light imaging (CPLi) and by rotating the polarization, one is (Read more...)

Coffee Helmet for Better Nose and Throat Surgery

Engineers at Vanderbilt University have developed a silicon cap filled with coffee grounds to track patient head movements and orientation during delicate nose and throat surgery. The technology was recently presented at the International Conference on Information Processing in Computer-Assisted Interventions in Barcelona, Spain. At present, patien (Read more...)

NasoNeb II Nasal Nebulizer Gets Green Light in Europe

MedInvent, a company based in Medina, Ohio, received European CE Mark approval for its NasoNeb II Nasal Nebulizer. The device is intended for patients with chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis, delivering drugs (typically budesonide) into the nasal and paranasal sinus cavities. The company says the product provides superior spread (Read more...)

Scopis Target Guided Surgery System Cleared in U.S.

Scopis, a company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, won FDA clearance for its augmented reality navigation system for ENT surgeries. The technology provides visual guided paths, superimposed onto the live imaging from the endoscope, that help surgeons guide their tools safely toward difficult to reach targets. The technology relies on Scopis’ (Read more...)

Eye Implant for Producing Tears to Fight Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome may soon be treated with a new implant developed by a team led by researchers at Stanford University. The team identified the afferent neural pathway as being an excellent target for stimulation in order to activate tear production. They built a device that has platinum foil electrodes implanted under the inferior lacrimal [&hellip (Read more...)