Tag: Neurosurgery

Mazor X Robotic Spinal Surgery System Cleared in Europe

Mazor Robotics, an Israeli firm, announced that its Mazor X Surgical Assurance Platform has received the European CE Mark of approval. The system, used to perfect spinal surgeries, is being co-marketed by Medtronic, which just invested $40 million into Mazor Robotics. The Mazor X consists of a pre-op software package that helps to establish a (Read more...)

LessRay Radiation Reduction System for ORs Using Fluoroscopes

NuVasive, a company based in San Diego, California, is now making available its LessRay radiation dose-reduction system. It consists of a computer cart that connects to an operating room’s fluoroscopy system. The fluoroscope can be set to a lower level of X-ray exposure, and the LessRay, using its proprietary software algorithms, then correct (Read more...)

Leica Wins FDA Clearance for Novel Neurosurgical Microscopy Filter for Detailed View of Blood Flow

Leica Microsystems has announced that it won FDA clearance for its FL560 fluorescence microscope filter to be used with the dye fluorescein to view cerebrovascular blood flow. The filter works with the M530 OH6 neurosurgical microscope, and after injection of fluorescein the surgical team can see blood fluorescing in greenish/yellow while the rest (Read more...)

ClaroNav’s NaviENT FDA Cleared to Guide Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Skull Base Surgery

ClaroNav, a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada, won FDA clearance for its NaviENT system that gives otolaryngologists information about the location of the tip of an instrument introduced during functional endoscopic sinus and skull base surgeries. During such surgeries, which are performed through the nose, the NaviENT shows the instrument t (Read more...)

MRI Inside Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Interview with Uri Rapoport, CEO of Aspect Imaging

The smallest patients may require numerous imaging scans, including MRIs of the brain, in order to receive proper care so they can graduate from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). MRI machines are usually situated far away from the NICU, requiring moving fragile dependent patients sometimes across the entire hospital and up and down mult (Read more...)