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Ultraviolet and Red Light Kill Infections in Donor Organs

Donor organs are hard to come by partially because of ischemic damage, physical damage, presence of infection, and other reasons. Researcher at the University of Toronto in Canada and University of São Paulo in Brazil have developed a method of getting rid of bacteria and viruses from donor organs using only light. The technique involves [&h (Read more...)

CAPE: A CleanRoom for Any Need and Location

Cleanrooms are important tools when manufacturing drugs, creating certain medical devices, performing specialized research, and for other tasks in a number of fields. Cleanrooms are typically located in built-to-suit facilities that can provide power, clean air, and other necessities that help maintain an ultra-clean environment. In order to make p (Read more...)

Smartphone App Detects Opioid Overdose

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a smartphone app that can detect if someone is experiencing an opioid overdose. The app uses sonar to monitor the breathing rate of a user, which it can do from up to three feet away, to assess if someone is experiencing an overdose. So far, the technology […]