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Smart Glove for Prostheses Identifies Objects in Hand

One thing that prosthetic device users hope for is to gain the ability to feel what they’re touching with their hands. There have been some developments in this space (see flashbacks below), but they’re still relatively rudimentary, not very sensitive, and not very good at helping users to identify what it is that they’re touching (Read more...)

Abbott Releases Confirm Rx Insertable Heart Monitor

Abbott is finally launching its Confirm Rx insertable cardiac monitor, a device that received FDA clearance and European regulatory approval back in 2017. The implant is inserted via a small incision during an outpatient procedure, not even requiring a suture to stitch it up. Following, it is able to communicate with a paired-up smartphone via [&he (Read more...)

Ultraviolet and Red Light Kill Infections in Donor Organs

Donor organs are hard to come by partially because of ischemic damage, physical damage, presence of infection, and other reasons. Researcher at the University of Toronto in Canada and University of São Paulo in Brazil have developed a method of getting rid of bacteria and viruses from donor organs using only light. The technique involves [&h (Read more...)