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HairBoom Air Helmet FDA Cleared to Treat Hair Loss

WONTECH, a Korean company, won FDA clearance for its HairBoom Air hair loss treatment helmet. The device delivers low-power laser therapy to the scalp, bathing it in light. This kind of treatment has been shown to help increase blood flow around hair follicles, increasing oxygenation in nearby tissues, resulting in more hair growth and improved [&h (Read more...)

Withings Releases Breathing Disturbance Sleep Monitor

Withings, the famous French maker of stylish activity trackers, blood pressure cuffs, and other personal healthcare and fitness devices, is releasing a breathing disturbance monitor. Built into its Sleep tracking mat, the technology can detect many of the instances when a person’s breathing is interrupted. These events can be signs of sleep a (Read more...)

Philips Presents Its Sleep Technologies at CES 2019

Philips is now a pure medical technology company. You may see their brand on other products still, such as TVs, but that’s all produced by other manufacturers. Though it’s focused on medicine, Philips is actively involved in the personal healthcare space, and particularly in sleep. The firm has everything from sleep trackers, wake up li (Read more...)

Moona Temperature Controlled Pillow at CES 2019

Quality of sleep very much depends on how comfortable your sleeping environment is. Factors such as noise and light can cause disturbances, but so can heat. In particular, many people tend to flip their pillow during the night to cool the head a bit, which provides immediate comfort and helps to fall back asleep. A […]

Embr Wave Cools or Heats Body on Demand: CES 2019

Whether we feel warm or cold is really dependent on how the brain interprets numerous signals it receives from the body. Temporarily fooling the brain to perceive warmth on cold days and coolness on hot days is the work of Embr, a company formed by researchers from MIT. Embr developed a device that is worn […]

Loop High Fidelity Earplugs at CES 2019

Earplugs are typically just pieces of foam that are awkward to use and can ruin one’s carefully crafted style. At CES 2019 we got a chance to check out the Loop earplugs that look cool, have a unique design to dampen sound, and which may become popular by people that don’t like traditional earplugs. Product […]

World’s First Blood Pressure Smart Watch from Omron

Omron, a ubiquitous name when it comes to blood pressure measurement, is about to release the first smartwatch that can measure blood pressure directly from the wrist. The Omron HeartGuide sports a band that doubles as a blood pressure cuff, inflating when requested through the touchscreen of the watch. The watch can be programmed to […]

Electronic Headband for Drug-Free Motion Sickness Therapy

Motion sickness can be a debilitating condition for many people, preventing them from traveling and engaging in various activities such as sailing. There are a few drugs available to control motion sickness, but they have side effects such as drowsiness and for many people are simply a choice of choosing one discomfort over another. A […]