Tag: Plastic Surgery

Soliton Acoustic Shockwave Device to Aid in Tattoo Removal

Soliton, a company based in Houston, Texas, has developed an acoustic shockwave device to assist in laser tattoo removal. At present, laser tattoo removal takes a significant number of sessions, with long waits between visits and a significant overall cost. This new device aims to allow numerous laser passes per session, and the company claims [&he (Read more...)

Cynosure TempSure RF Platform Now Available for Aesthetic Procedures in Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Gynecology

Hologic announced that its Cynosure division is releasing the recently FDA-cleared TempSure RF platform for surgical and non-surgical aesthetic applications. The device provides 300 watts of energy at 4 MHz, allowing for precise work in creating fine incisions in delicate tissues such as eyelids, ears, and even labia! Hologic believes its device ca (Read more...)

EZbra Breast Dressing to Make Post-Op Recovery Easier, Safer

EZbra Advanced Wound Care, a firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is releasing in the U.S. its innovative breast dressing for recovery following procedures such as biopsies, lumpectomies, reconstructions, and placement of implants. The company hopes that its EZbra all-in-one device will become a standard of care, as currently there is no universally acc (Read more...)

FDA Clears DuraSorb Bioabsorbable Surgical Mesh

Surgical Innovation Associates, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, won FDA clearance for its DuraSorb Monofilament Mesh. The bioabsorbable surgical mesh is designed for use in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, providing structural support for about a year, eventually being absorbed by the body and disappearing from the surgical site to be rep (Read more...)

Cynosure’s TempSure Envi Released to Improve Skin Aesthetics

Cynosure, now a part of Hologic, is releasing a radiofrequency system for performing aesthetic procedure on the skin, including for reduction of wrinkles and other facial lines, tightening of skin by coagulating soft tissue, and making cellulite look more attractive than its natural self. The system is already FDA cleared. The TempSure Envi device (Read more...)