Evaluation of Corneal Microstructure in Keratoconus: A Confocal Microscopy Study – Corrected Proof

Purpose: To compare the corneal microstructure in patients with manifest keratoconus (KCN), subclinical KCN, and topographically normal relatives of patients with KCN and in healthy controls.Design: Prospective and cross-sectional study.Methods: We enrolled 145 subjects in the study. The participants were divided into 4 groups, based on clinical and topographical evaluation: the manifest KCN group (n = 30), the subclinical KCN group (n = 32), the KCN relatives group (n = 53), and the control group (n = 30). Corneal microstructure was assessed by corneal in vivo confocal microscopy in all of the individuals. Mean outcome measures were basal epithelial cell density, endothelial cell density, anterior (Read more...)

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