Risk Factors for Amblyopia in the Vision in Preschoolers Study – Corrected Proof

Objective: To evaluate risk factors for unilateral amblyopia and for bilateral amblyopia in the Vision in Preschoolers (VIP) study.Design: Multicenter, cross-sectional study.Participants: Three- to 5-year-old Head Start preschoolers from 5 clinical centers, overrepresenting children with vision disorders.Methods: All children underwent comprehensive eye examinations, including threshold visual acuity (VA), cover testing, and cycloplegic retinoscopy, performed by VIP-certified optometrists and ophthalmologists who were experienced in providing care to children. Monocular threshold VA was tested using a single-surround HOTV letter protocol without correction, and retested with full cycloplegic correction when retest criteria were met. Unilateral amblyopia was defined as an interocular difference in (Read more...)

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