Surgical Debulking for Idiopathic Dacryoadenitis: A Diagnosis and a Cure – Corrected Proof

Purpose: Idiopathic inflammatory tumor of the lacrimal gland, also called idiopathic dacryoadenitis, generally is treated with high-dose, long-term systemic corticosteroids, despite their limited success, high recurrence rate, and incidence of drug-induced side effects. This study describes the outcome of patients with idiopathic dacryoadenitis who were managed with surgical debulking.Design: Retrospective case series from 2 tertiary referral centers.Participants: Forty-six patients (46 lacrimal glands).Methods: Review of the clinical records, radiologic scans, and histopathologic specimens, with additional immunoglobulin G4 immunostaining.Main Outcome Measures: Clinical signs and symptoms at 2 months after the surgery and off medications.Results: Before referral, 41% (19 of 46) of the (Read more...)

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