Author reply – Corrected Proof

We thank Galvis et al for their letter. We also noted in our study that there are no differences in myopia progression when comparing myopic children with or without atropine treatment in both the intervention (recess outside classroom) and control groups. To assess this, we conducted a separate analysis on myopic children alone. The averages ± standard deviation of myopia progression for atropine and non-atropine users were −0.29±0.70 diopters (D)/year and −0.21±0.79 D/year, with a difference of −0.08 D/year (95% confidence interval (CI), −0.34 to 0.18; t test, P = 0.5509) in the intervention group, and −0.32±0.58 D/year and −0.37±0.77 D/year with a difference of 0.06 D/year (95% (Read more...)

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